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Nest Audio cable Too Short

Community Member

Frustrating the power cable only reaches 1.5m and there seem to be no options to extend. I got 3 speakers to put around my house, all my shelves are more than 1.5m from an outlet. So I either move my shelves, move my power outlets, or return the speakers and go with another brand of speaker where I can use a longer power cable. What should I do?




Buy some extension cords; there are lots of different kinds.

Thanks but I was looking for a neater solution. Even the most low profile options for extension leads create extra clutter and bigger conduit to keep the cables tidy.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello JB167,


Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate MplsCustomer and Cablestooshort's help here. Please note that we don't recommend using a different power cable other than the one included in the package as it is designed to supply the power needed for the device to function properly.


For the size of the round barrel, I'll check this with the team and get back on this thread for updates.




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Ditto. Power extensions are simply not a option (ignoring the fact they are considerably bigger). There must be a compatible barrel extension somewhere - it can't be uniquely (surely?)...


Please help with the specs / dimensions of the round barrel connection (not the power rating, that's readily available as 30W / 24V). Pretty please...