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[Nest Hub 2.Gen] Display stays on, when Podcast playing (Spotify)

Community Member

To fall asleep, I listen to podcasts via Spotify on my Google NestHub. For about two months now, I've had the problem that the screen no longer dims/shuts off in the evening when a podcast is playing. The display is so bright that I can't sleep. When I play a song, the display switches to night mode as usual. The problem only occurs when I play a podcast. You can listen to many podcasts outside of Spotify, but especially with the Spotify Exclusives it is even more annoying.

Please fix the problem. It annoys me so much every night how a problem like this goes unfixed for over two months.

PS: I have tried everything. Reset Nest Hub, reinstall app, install spotify beta version, install spotify public version. Nothing could fix the issue. 

Thank you and please, please fix this 😥