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Nest Hub 2nd Gen skips music / news randomly.

Community Member

I like all the integrations that google has with this product. But, the most annoying part for me is when it skips/pauses music and even my daily news randomly. Here's what I tried so far. 

  • Reboot the device

  • Reset the device

  • Unlink Spotify

The issue still remains. I see a lot of posts that complain the same without any solution. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey aa20475,


Thanks for reaching out. I know how it feels when you're having issues playing music on your Google Nest Hub (2nd generation). Let's try to get to the bottom of this. A few questions: when did the issue start? How far are your devices from your router? Have you changed any settings on your router lately? Have you tried another music service provider to check if you'll have the same issue?


To further isolate the issue, please try setting up your device using a mobile hotspot. Please note that you will need two mobile devices for this setup (one will serve as a router and the other to be used to set up your Nest Hub).


Let me know how it goes.