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Nest Hub Complete Garbage - Don't Buy

Community Member

Have already set default display device to my Nest Hub 2nd Gen:

  1. Click on Netflix "I' don't know where to play the video" - ongoing problem for over a year now. Already set default display device
  2. Say "Hey Google, Open Netflix" - "Sorry I don't know where to play the video"
  3. Say "Hey Google, Play Stranger Things Episode 1 Season 1 from Netflix on Hub" - and it plays whatever episode and season it wants at whatever point in the episode it feels like.
  4. Click on Pandora "Sorry, I can't show you recommend music from Pandora" - why?
  5. Link Hulu account, but no Hulu Icon
  6. Say "Hey Google, Open Hulu" - "Sorry I don't know where to play the video"
  7. Link Disney+ Account, but no Disney+ Icon
  8. Say "Hey Google, open Disney+" - "Ok. Opening Web Page". Requires Login, Why? Already linked.
  9. Link Paramount+ Account, but no Paramount+ Icon
  10. Say "Hey Google, Open Paramount+" - "Ok, Opening Web Page", again. But it's already linked.
  11. Cannot link Amazon Prime Video, because Google hates Amazon
  12. Click on YouTube, no way to search
  13. Click on Spotify, but no search ability
  14. YouTube Music says "Service Available Free of Charge', but when you click on it is says it requires YouTube Premium which charges after a few months

Clearly this is a junk product that was released full of bugs with no support or developers behind it. Considering how long these issues have being going on (Hint: years), its obvious this is just a way to grab our money and tell us to go pound sand when we report all these problems.
Again, don't buy Google Nest Products, especially the hub, they are complete garbage.