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Nest hub saying error camera feed is not available when someone rings doorbell

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Hello everyone I have the Google nest hub 2nd generation display and whenever someone rings my doorbell it pops up error camera feed is not available... I have factory reset it didn't solve anything im going crazy trying to solve this problem please can anyone give me an answer on how to fix this




Which doorbell do you have? If you have the older Google Nest Hello Doorbell and it's a year or two old or older, the internal battery on the doorbell could be failing, causing it to go offline for a minute whenever the doorbell is pressed.

It's happened to hundreds of customers. The thread below has over 1,000 replies:

The workaround is to turn off the "Indoor chime" option (the doorbell then no longer goes off-line when the button is pressed) and rely instead on "Visitor announcements" on your Nest Hubs and Nest Minis. All three of our Nest Hello internal batteries have failed over time, and we're using this workaround.

I have the 2nd generation Google nest doorbell 


Can you access your doorbell otherwise, in the Google Home app or on the website?

Do you have "Visitor announcements" turned on, and does this happen when you get the announcement on your Nest Hub?

How long was it working before this started to happen?

Which did you factory reset, the doorbell or the Nest Hub?

You could try turning the doorbell off and then back on from the Google Home app.

I can access my doorbell otherwise.. it happens on the hub when someone rings the doorbell I have visitor announcements turned on and factory reset the hub when I first got the hub and speaker I had to factory reset both of devices for them to even notify me when someone rang my doorbell and once I did that I got the announcements but ran into this problem with the hub when someone rings My doorbell on the nest hub it let's me know when someone is there but it says error camera feed is not available 


You might want to consider contacting Support, starting with the link below. When you get the doorbell ring option on your phone, do you have the same "camera feed not available" problem on your phone?

On my phone the camera feed is fine! It's just on my Google hub where it has problems 


I'm out of ideas for how you could resolve this yourself.  (I'm just another Google Nest customer.)

I contacted the customer service I sent an email im waiting for them to respond but thank you for trying to help I appreciate it