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Nest keeps saying "Sorry, I don't understand"

Community Member

For some reason whenever I try to play music on my nest audio, it says "sorry, I don't understand" and just won't play the music, and its also failing to execute basic commands and saying "sorry, I don't understand". My nest was bought recently and keeps having really annoying issues. Does anyone know a fix for this?


Community Member

That's all mine can do today, too. Even after a power cycle. Either factory reset or, an issue which will be fixed at a server level shortly this morning by Google.

Community Member

Mine are doing the same. I have 3 and all have stopped playing. They were working fine until about 1.00pm. I stopped radio playing to go out and can’t get any to play now 😞

Community Member

Same here, although it was all working perfectly an hour ago the nest mini units are just saying 'i don't understand'.


Not sure how much dirt you have on your speakers Mike, but mine have none at all and certainly no more than an hour ago.


Looks like Google have rolled out another untested update and broken things server side, no point in resetting or wasting your time in try to fix it.


Edit. Just tried it again and they are all working again normally now, I shouldn't have even bothered restarting them.

Community Member

Mine restarted too. Might have been a problem with RadioApp. Who knows

Community Member

Same with mine, but it was Spotify that wasn't working. hopefully it doesn't come this afternoon again

Community Member

Same.  But not all of mine.  Just one of them.  My Google Preview device I got like 5 or 6 years ago.  I know it is pretty old.  But it suddenly couldn't play music anymore unless I connected via spotify on my phone manually. 


My other nest mini's in the house are fine.