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Sharing a single device in the home

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I'm trying to share a Mini device in my son's room with him so he can play Spotify from his own phone, but I do not want to share other devices in the house.  When I invite family members into the Home account, it looks like I have to share every device.  I do not want to do that.  I'm sure there's a way to do it, but I'm not finding it.

I attempted to set up a new Home but it was showing all of the speakers in the house.  If I remove one, it warns me that it'll remove it from my account too.  Don't want that.  I just want to give him control of the speaker in his room only.



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I am trying to do something similar to share control of our Nest thermostat with the renter in our  basement apartment (our HVAC system serves both our living area and the basement apartment). Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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I just chatted with google support and their solution is to create a 2nd home (you can have 5 homes if you sign in with a google account) and move the subset of devices you want to share into that home. Then share that home with your son. Hope this helps. 

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