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Sleep Sensing not activating

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Hi Team 

Have had a Nest 2nd Gen for over a year now and Sleep Sensing has been working fine. 

Have recently moved places and had difficulties connecting to the new wifi, so had to hard reset the Nest Hub to get it to connect (a separate annoying issue...)

Now my Sleep Sensing won't connect via the Home App. 

It goes into a feedback loop of sorts where the Nest Hub tells me I need to set up Sleep Sensing via the Home App. Then I go into the Home App, activate it there, but then it doesn't actually activate it on the Nest Hub. 

So the Home App says it's activated.. but it isn't at all.

Could it be something to do with the hard reset, where my Home App / Google Account thinks I already have Sensing set up, but I actually don't, because I hard reset the Hub. So now it doesn't activate..?

Please assist, this is really quite annoying.

Thanks, Sam








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Same issue here

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Same here

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Same problem here.

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It is fixed on my side: I relaunched the configuration removing the configuration from the app first and then initiating it from the device and suddenly the calibrate feature was working fine.

(maybe a software update happened in between too but I am not sure - I did no factory reset or device removal from the app to make it work)

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I think a software update happened. The same happened to me