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Speaker Groups Do Not Work With Mesh Wifi

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I have multiple google audio devices, a mixture of Google Home Minis, Chromecast Audio and Nest Audio speakers.

I have recently installed a Mesh Wifi setup, with multiple access points all for the same home network. Specifically, it is a set of 3x TP-Link Deco S4 devices.

When I attempt to cast to Speaker Groups (via Spotify App on Android, or in the Google Home App), it will fail to cast to all speakers in the group if the speakers are attached to different physical Access Points.

Prior to installing the Wifi Mesh, all speakers were connected to the same access point and Speaker Groups all worked OK. 

How do I make Speaker Groups work when different speakers in the group are connected to different access point on the same network?


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Same here, tried many different models of routers and APs and nothing seems to fix it. Also occurs on regular chromecasts too, my phone can't see the device in the cast list if it's on a different AP.

Done a bunch of debugging with mDNS, multicast and broadcast packets and they seem to work perfectly fine between different APs, so I'm not sure why Google devices and protocols are having issues... Would be great if someone at Google could look into this or provide further advice.

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Community Specialist

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