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White noise only playing for small amount of time

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Have been using my Google nest speakers for a while to play white noise to drown out noise to help my daughter/toddler sleep.

Am doing the standard "ok Google, play white noise".

However, over the last few days the speaker (mini, but also occurs on others in house too.) will play a different version of white noise

  • Plays for shorter amount of time (minutes), then goes silent even though home app says it is playing. No longer 12 hours with small 2 second break every hour 
  • Lower level of sound. Even though device Is set at same volume.
  • Home app, no longer displays how long the white noise has been playing for. Would give you option to slide along, and see where noise was within hour period. Now displays only pause.

Had to resort to casting from Spotify.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue? 




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Having the exact same issues. GOOGLE FIX PLEASE SO MY 7 MONTH OLD CAN SLEEP!

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Only thing I’m noticing is the lower volume for sure…my daughter is 3 and noticed the difference but I’m sure with a younger child this could be excruciating.

Ugh, I really hope they fix this.

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There’s another thread here with fellow parents going mad because of this lousy change. 

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I noticed a change in volume over the past week or few. Honestly, my Minis have been behaving poorly since mid December it's hard to track. In any case, I used to listen at 25% max most of the time. Now I can barely hear music at the same level. I've also noticed that my ocean sleep sounds sometimes are still playing up to my alarm going off in the morning, where the waves used to stop after about an hour.


Fwiw, I believe you can command (voice or routine) speakers to play white noise for X period of time - "Hey Google, play white noise for 12 hours.". Though this may be broken as of late and/or change from day to day as other functions have recently.


Of course, with all the Sonos suit business going on for just short of a month now, I'm getting used to my Minis and other devices misbehaving in all sorts of odd ways.


Sure would be nice if Google had a change log we could view. Issue tracker doesn't cut it for this purpose.


If I find an update or solution I'll post here.

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