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add devices to google home

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ok this one might be amazing to some . but, it an issue . I am quite serious about . Integration of new devices in google home app is disgusting . I have over 100 or more devices that need to be connected to google home. this has  me baffled . Why can't I add more than one device at a time to a room. when these devices are on a list at the bottom that says device not in home. this has become a daunting task.  For example I have over 50 feit devices.  because , I couldn't figure out what devices where not syncing I ended up . deleting google home and renaming google router. then started over .first I added all devices to the feit app. then synced to google home. I will only let me choose one device at a time . But the room they go to want 14 devices from the list. google will only let me do this one at a time. 2 hours later i still adding devices to rooms. Then to the next app rinse and repeat. it should take this long.  this can be better  . how about fixing it.. 

My second time posting this topic . because original post was locked 

i have google nest speaker/wifi with 6 wifi points 

50 lights fiet 

6 fiets 

2 surround sound devices yamaha  and bose  products

6 idevices switches

1 hunter fan 

and apparently my iphone that google always tell me to reconnect.

ge washer and dryer

lg refrigerator 

lg tv will not connect

ge advantium oven.

lg dishwasher that always goes offline.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Ynotdoit,


Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate people who are keen on sharing their thoughts with us. We're always looking for ways to improve. I'd suggest you submit feedback about it. See the article below on how to do it.


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