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"cast my audio" to speaker group option missing - goes directly to speaker group settings

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About a week ago I lost the ability to cast my phones audio to my speaker group in the Google home app. Casting to a single speaker works fine but when I tap a group, it goes directly to group settings.


I understand that after the loss of the sonos patent lawsuit, google chosed to remove the ability to adjust speaker group volume (instead of paying for the patent royalties and providing it's customers a feature they played for, (but that's a different discussion all together)) As I understand, group volume has nothing to do with casting to a group 😒 


I presume this is a quick fix like "just remove that volume adjust screen for speaker groups from the app until we fix it properly". Screen, which incidentally also contains the "cast my audio" buton...


I personally couldn't care less about group volume adjustment (I do it manually, for each one), but casting my phone audio is the main reason I bought a bunch of nest speakers. This feature is (for the time being) still working from chrome browser on my pc.


Yes, I know how to cast audio from specific apps that support audio casting. This is not about that...


The (horrible) workaround I found is to remote to my pc from my phone and cast audio from there using the chrome browser 😒 (but this is asinine)


Is there a way to get casting to speaker groups for my phone back?




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Does Google actually care about users?

I haven't seen a reply that addresses the concerns of the majority of users who are having difficulty with this issue.

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Hi everyone, at first I was thinking am facing the same issues but its just a matter of settings. Tap on any of the configured speaker, tap the settings icon, create speaker pair and choose all the speakers. Worked for me and now I can cast audio to a 'pair'. Creating speaker group doesn't work for me as well as it brings me to the settings. Hope this works for the rest!!

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After waiting months for Google to fix this issue I finally found a workaround. Under phone settings select connected devices>connection preferences>cast. You will see a list of your devices and speaker groups and you will be able to successfully cast your audio. I have tested this functionality with audible and can confirm it works on Android 12. I hope this helps everyone as this issue has been extremely irritating.

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I have found another work around. On my Samsung S9+, open the Smart View app and I am able to select a specific speaker or speaker group. The connection works well, volume control is not the best.

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 Still having these same issues.  Any updates from google?  Casting my phone's audio (not just playing music) is still gone and changing the volume for a group is not longer an option.  It just loads the settings page when I tap on the group.  Using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Have you tried the solution provided in this discussion?

Basically long pressing your phone's home button to summon the Google assistant, verbally telling it to "Cast my phone" and selecting "Cast settings" 

This works, but going into the Google Home App yields an additional helpful screen.

Enter the Home App, click on the assistant, and say "Cast my phone,"  then select "Cast Settings" (as you describe). This takes you to the page where you can choose any speaker group, or an individual speaker. After you're connected to a group, you'll have the ability to control volume of individual speakers by clicking on any speaker from within the Home App.  Group volume is controlled by your phone's volume buttons.

This isn't quite as straightforward as the software version prior to 1/6/22, but it works and I'm okay with it. In fact, the individual volume controls using percentages is better than the slider bars in the earlier version, IMO.

Hmmm, remarkably, that does work eventually. But it's a bit clunky, no? Plus if you're already playing audio on your phone, Assistant picks that up.... 

I think what's ironic is mirror-casting by voice command in lieu of clicking a button within the Home app beats the patent violation, as do the individual volume controls by speaker %. The only thing we've lost is the in-app master volume control, but the device's physical volume buttons take care of this function.

Essentially, the system works again (for Android devices, anyway), and now that I'm used to it, I'm okay with it, other than the necessity for a voice command in lieu of, or in addition to, a button labeled "Cast My Phone."

I can do the cast by voice and I'm ok with that, but when I'm casting to a group, having to go into 8 different devices to adjust individual volumes seems pretty ridiculous. I really miss the master volume (even though it had it's issues). If it was easier to get to each device, that might be different. Maybe I should take them out of each individual room and make a speaker room to make it easier to navigate between speaker volumes. 

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All I get when I do that is Google search results about casting.

You should get this screen. Then just press the "Cast settings" button.


Yes, setting aside that I had to say it three times as Google doesn't understand my accent; that eventually worked

Just found out that you could also tell the assistant "Cast settings", and it will open the speakers screen directly, bypassing the first step.


Aditionally, you could open the keyboard instead of speaking to the microphone and type in "Cast settings" directly, when you don't want to verbally speak to it 

Great shortcut, thanks @DannyOcean .

I also just noticed that if I "long click" the home button, the Google Assistant pops up, and there is already a "Cast My Phone" choice to click on, likely because it remembers that I perform this action routinely. Thus, I don't need to say anything to the assistant to accomplish what I used to do. I only have to hear her saying, "If you have a Chromecast, you can... (etc.)" before I click on "Cast Settings," and choose my group.

I can live with this app, and I assume it will only get better as time goes on. Let's hope...

My biggest beef with Google is that it has kept users in the dark since the January 6th surprise removal of core functionality, with a promise to "support users" but with no useful updates while our products were bricked for four months.

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Same.. I used this feature on the daily.

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I've been using the long press>cast settings for the past few weeks, but now it is failing to cast to a speaker group. The group shows up but then when I hit it and then "begin now", it fails.  I can resolve it by restarting my phone, but that is a major pain ( relatively speaking). Anyone else begin having this issue, and/or found a solution?

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Hmmm, in the latest development to this sorry tale, "cast settings" now gets the response "I'm sorry I don't understand".

You have to start by saying "Cast my phone", and then select "Cast settings" from the options on the bottom of the next screen.

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SOLUTION: The button in question is gone but the functionality can be recovered if you get to the exact correct screen and verbally TELL "Google Assistant" "cast my phone" with your voice. Then if you click the exact correct thing, it will work as before it was broken earlier this year. Not exactly intuitive.

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Currently I'm able to summon the assistant by long pressing the home button (android), and then typing in "Cast settings"  (or verbally commanding it) but I prefer to type it.


This takes me directly to the speakers groups and can cast as usual. 


However, what frightens me is the progressive loss of easiness to reach this function 😞

But it's not "cast as usual" as you mentioned. The group volume is gone. Yes it can cast to a group, but the control over the group volume no longer displays and you have to go into each individual speaker to adjust volume. 

Agreed, meant to say cast as usual, as usual as the last few months after Google decided to take the function away xD


As a side note, on the updated version of Home (Android) it's seems easier to control volume of individual speakers as well as groups using those bigger sliders


Group volume is controlled by the Up/Down buttons on my Galaxy phone. The new app has its quirks--mainly non-intuitive functionality--but it works. Also, I like the % volume controls on the individual speakers. I just wish I didn't have to "talk" to the assistant to operate things. I don't like hearing her voice when I wake up in the morning.

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So I just bought a set of speakers for nothing. It was supposed to be for my kids to listen to audiobooks in their rooms. I can send sound from my phone to just one speaker. If it is to make us buy stuff from google partners in bussiness then it's lame af. "We're free to cast whatever we like to speaker groups provided the underlying content/apps support the feature" - yes, so we are not free to cast whatever we like. I'm pissed!

Try the workaround solutions in the meantime 

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I’ve had this issue for over a year (using iOS) and it’s a real problem, considering the whole point of buying the speakers was exactly for this ability. I also used to be able to connect a turntable via usb and cast that throughout the whole speaker group, but this is also no longer possible.

When this first stopped working, I contacted Google, with no reply. It was a couple months after that I managed to find out about the Sonos infringement.

It’s a shame Google will give no update or even acknowledge this is a problem for so many people that purposefully bought their products and are now left unable to use them as they had previously.

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So, I'm guessing this is still an issue? Unless someone found a workaround?

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There is a work around for casting your phone's audio. It's not great, but it accomplishes the goal. There is not a solution for the speaker group volume. That screen is gone. 

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This isn't just restricted to casting from a phone or tablet, it also no longer works when connected to any Bluetooth transmitter. I used to be able to cast from a turntable or hifi system via bluetooth to the speaker groups which was the main reason I invested in the Google speakers, but this no longer works... only plays on one speaker or hub, no matter the group of speakers you select.