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Nest App can not add Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)

Hi,I installed new Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen) correctly and it is working well by manually. (10/3/2022)And also finished WIFI connection without any problem. (checked Network status)Installed new Nest App on my Android phone (10/3/2022)Thermostat ...

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HP99 by Community Member
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Defective nest heat link

hello,I have a third generation nest heat link and learning thermostat. The thermostat shows a H71 error and the lights on the heat link are dead. I am located in England - What shall I do next please? Robert

Smart TRV hub required??

Hi,I'd like to try and save some money this winter by turning heating off when/where not needed while still ensuring my baby daughter's bedrooms remain at a constant temperature through the night.I've been looking at Smart TRVs that say they work wit...

Ninerfish by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not heating after adding C-wire

Early this summer I had to add a C-wire to my thermostat because the battery kept dying while running AC for an extended amount of time. Now that it is fall, I turned the heat on and it's not working. I'm not receiving any errors, it just isn't heati...

rgarcia12 by Community Member
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Linked Nest Protects on separate WiFis

I live in a property with five floors, one flat on each floor. We want to install a Nest Protect system, with one Protect on each floor. We want to have these Protects interlinked so that if one sounds they all sound.The issue is that we don't have a...

AW2022 by Community Member
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Nest hello doorbell with - 2 devices and 2 chimes

I have two Nest Hello doorbells I just purchased, and a Nutone system that probable dates back to late 40's. Three current doorbells are all hooked up - front, back, and side. Looking for some help on wiring. Doorbell resembles this - https://www.kno...

edge312 by Community Member
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New Nest only works when I disconnect the c wire.

Originally kept insisting I need the C wire (which had been tucked under some electrical tape) so I connected the C. From there on out I had error 298, no power. Spent hours trouble shooting through the help sites but no help. I disconnected the C wi...

ddessauer by Community Member
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