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Nest Thermostat Compatibility

Replacing Honeywell Thermostat on oil fired boiler, electric CAC. Existing stat has wires Rc R Y C W G.The compatibility checker online says the Nest should be compatible. However, when I use the app that pops up after scanning the QR code, I get a m...

Avee8or by Community Member
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2 Nest thermostats, AC only appears on one

Hi there, I just bought a home that had two nest thermostats already installed (one kitchen, one upstairs). I live in Canada and have forced air natural gas furnace for heat, and a separate electric air conditioner. I stupidly did a factory reset on ...

Nest thermostat

Please talk to me!!! My nest thermostat keeps turning off-goes black. When I finally get it on it goes off again sometime later -eradically

Google Nest indoor camera wired 2nd gen

My last blog a week ago or so detailed how I was having difficulty getting started. I ended up deleting the Nest App and Google home app, unplugging the camera overnight. The next day I plugged the camera back in and downloaded both apps againThat wo...

MMOM by Community Member
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Add a FALL DETECTION algorithm

I have two indoor, wired Nest Cams monitoring my elderly dad in his house (with his consent, of course). I really want to be able to receive notifications of any sudden movement when he's moving about, especially what could be a fall. (He's stumbled ...

ideator by Community Member
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Connecting nest thermostat to Google home

When I try to set up my Nest Thermostat to Google home on my Android phone when I get to the supplemental Nest terms I hit I agree and then I get an error message that says request contains invalid argument what do I do. I tried uninstalling the app ...

Mitchkam by Community Member
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Nest Wiring Compatibility

Would my system be compatible with the nest thermostat? (Disregard the non-solid core wire, I will have it soldered). The wires on my system are R, W, and B.

Kar1m555 by Community Member
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cannot download google home

When trying to download the Google Home App I get the message that my device is not compatible.How can I still use my chromecast if I cannot download this app?Or is there a workaround so I can download the app to my phone (Samsung SM-A310F)?

Emma4 by Community Member
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