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Lost WiFi access on Most All devices almost two weeks ago

Two weeks ago I brought an outside camera in to charge. I have 3 Wi-Fi boosters, 3 of the CO2 / Smoke detectors, doorbell camera, two other outdoor cameras and the hub screen and an additional inside camera, as well as the thermostat. All of it went ...

2nd gen Nest Hub screen has turned green

I have a 2nd gen google nest hub. About a week ago the screen had a large green oval in the center (it looks like the entire screen was shifted "right" with only about 1 cm sliver of the actual screen visible... the rest had the "green screen"/ large...

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 20.20.33.png
jshannonj by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro Limited Wired Speed

Hello, I'm having issue with my desktop PC pulling advertised download speeds through a wired access point with a Nest WiFi Pro 2pk. I have the main unit connected to my cable modem providing WiFi to the house, and the 2nd unit one room over that has...

JPickles by Community Member
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Nest Hub Max

Hi I have tried everything to get my nest hub max to do look and talk, it recognises my face and voice but doesn’t answer or do anything.can someone please help

Paulowen by Community Member
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Can't get rid of daily reminder because it doesn't exist?

Hi all, Every morning at 10am, Google home plays a plinky plonky tune and says "you have a reminder". When I say "tell me about this reminder" or "cancel this reminder" it says "there are no reminders set". So how do I stop this happening? I've looke...

Koksy by Community Member
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Multiple Nests

I have a client with a large property and they want 40 Nest thermostats - one in each room.I understand that 20 per "home" is the limit in the app. Is it correct that we could split the building in to 2 "homes" to increase to 40, and if so how would ...

Huers by Community Member
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power adaptor

hi uk user here. i want a plug in power adapter to keep door bell on a constant feed. can anyone recommend one that will does this. i have a plug socket near the bell. many thanks in advance

kenny5 by Community Member
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