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How to set timer

How do I set a schedule ? I have made the schedule on the app what day/time I want the temp but will it just automatically go on at that time?

Reports by mon

Ive not had nest home reports for the last few monthsi’ve checked and i have the setting turned on i. notifications but the last one i seem to have was many months ago!checked junk and made sure its not marked as junk so im just not sure im actually ...

Connection issue

My chrome cast is constantly loosing connection from any of my apps. I have checked my firmware is up to par, on my local network etc. any suggestions? We watch tv and constantly randomly loose connection and have to start all over

Htibbetts by Community Member
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Temp sensor stuck on old account

Ended up losing connection to thermostat for some random reason (horribly buggy connection issues to deal with on iOS) was able to log in with google acct not with nest which is how I think I set it up. Now it thinks it's a whole new account I guess?...

Nest temperatures seem very high

My Nest thermostat prompted me to put it into Learning mode for a week. Since then, despite having the scheduled temperature set to no more than 21.5 degrees it has been running at 25 to 27 degrees whenever heating which is quite uncomfortable. I’ve ...

CHTM8888 by Community Member
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High bills and check heating history

Can anyone help me please.I’ve check how many hours my heating is coming on and trying to compare to my bill, but I see my history in the app only goes back 10 days.Is there a way of extending this ?Many thanks

Battery camera wont charge

One of my nest cam batteries will not charge.It has been plugged in for 3 hours or so and it has remained at 39% the whole time.I have ensured the cable is plugged in properly and not damaged or twisted.I have tried it with another known good cable a...

Ballzup by Community Member
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Nest Minis removing themselves from home

Earlier this year I made the switch from Alexas to nest for a number of reasons. One to move away from the Bezos empire but largely to allow for the voice recognition and personalized responses.I now have 4x Nest Mini's in my home and have been runni...