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Nest counts down, stops cooling

My thermostat stops cooling after a minute or so, the it starts a count down “Starts in x:x min”, about 3min and starts again for a minute. The heating works fine. Image of the wires is attached

Encha by Community Member
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Kids access to library purchases

Items purchased in the Google tv app on the parents profile is not visible on the kids profile unless the content is "eligible for family library" but the issue is we buy these movies for our kids, pay the money for the movies but the kids can't watc...

ReneeP by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest indoor cam

Hi - I have a NEST indoor camera and recently the light turned red. The camera still works. I have tried removing the camera and adding it again but this hasn’t made a difference. Does anyone know what this means? Also my outdoor cam has stopped work...

NicholasW by Community Member
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Google wifi pro

I have had an experience of regional compatibility of nest wifi. Im wording wither this issue is now fixed or not. I have purchased a new wifi router but it was not functioning due to me being in Qatar. My question is, if will consider buying the new...

Maitham by Community Member
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Relocate to the UK, & Where to buy.

I am new here in the UK, & When i was in New York. I had the Google Home. SAMSUNG SMART THINGS. BIXBY. AMAZON ALEXA. full SMART HOME SETUP. I managed to sell everything because of the plug. But Someone told me, & if i had thought about this before i ...

Impearial by Community Member
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Sound event notifications on nest cam indoor

Hi, I just bought a new nest cam indoor (2nd gen). According to this official help page, I should have "Person speaking alerts" alerts in my camera. In my home app, I can't find a way to configure it. I have a "nest aware" subscription. When I open t...

IMG_0906854D732C-1.jpeg IMG_7ADB3ECA688B-1.jpeg
mbassem by Community Member
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Sonoff SNZB-02 sensor does not appear on Google Home

Hello,Yesterday I bought a Sonoff SNZB-02 sensor for temperature & humidity and paired it with my Tuya app via the Tuya Zigbee hub.On Tuya app appears normally as the rest of the zigbee sensors already have,but on my Google home doesn't appears.I've ...

Stelios by Community Member
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