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Google Nest Floodlight Camera

Our builder installed the Nest Floodlight Cam and discarded the QR code. I found instructions on using the setup key, however when I go to the Google Home App, it sends me to the Nest app. When I try to enter the setup key it's accepted then a window...

Doorbell Video Feed Doesn't Work

I have a Nest wired doorbell, and have had it for several years. I have noticed an issue lately though that has been frustrating. When an activity happens, like someone rings the doorbell, I get a notification on my phone as expected, but the problem...

pjlamb12 by Community Member
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Google chromecast remote light slow pluse

My chromecast all of a sudden stopped working the controller would not connect we have tried replacing batteries factory reset and basically every trick in the book, since factory resetting the entire device I am no longer able to find my chromecast ...

Adding Doorbell to Google Home app

I had to reinstall my doorbell so I removed it from my google home and nest app. I have successfully added it back to the nest app but can not get it back on the google home app so that I can use it with my speakers. I get to the point of scanning th...

Doorbell option missing from Home Hub

Helloi have just installed my Nest Doorbell and I want it to chime on the Home Hub. On the Home Hub I can see the video from the doorbell so the communication is , but in the Home App there is no Doorbell option. How can I get the option to appear? I...

JamesO by Community Member
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