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Cync losing connection to Google home instantly

Community Member

After connecting to Cync lights to google home, it almost instantly loses connection. the lights will not respond to any command from the app. You can not turn the light on or off let alone change the light quality. 

I have reset the light multi times and each time it easily pairs with google home and I can set it up. Soon as I go to use it though and it won't respond to commands. I have no issues with using the lights with the Cync App.


It should be noted the Cync app was not been paired w/ the lights when I set up the google home pairing. It was merely used as a test for the lights after I couldn't get it to work with the google home app. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Earthscar,

I’m sorry to hear about what’s happening with your Cync light bulbs. Let’s further look into it. I just wanted to check, after setting up the Cync light bulbs in the Google Home app, do they appear in each room, or listed under Local devices/Linked to you? Do you have household members in the Google Home app? If yes, can’t they also control the light bulbs in the Google Home app?

I’ll look forward to your response.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,

I'm jumping in to ensure everything is good here. Have you seen my previous response? Let us know the answer so we could take a closer look at them.