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Devices keep removing themselves from Google Home/Rooms

Community Member

Google Home started replying with "I am sorry I don't understand" when I tried to control some devices in my home.

So I open the Home app and discover that 95% of my Homebridge devices have been removed from their respective rooms. They are still on Homebridge and work from there. Restarting Homebridge and my phone did not help. This is probably about 15 devices, so I have to go through each one and "move" them back to their rooms. This explain why my morning routine did not work. There is no user on the system other than myself, so they weren't deleted here.

Some devices have completely gone and cannot be re-added to their rooms.

I read a couple of closed threads regarding this issue but it appears it hasn't been resolved. Does anyone have any pointers for me or is it a case of waiting for Google to fix things ?