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Do all participating presence sensing phones have full administrative control in the G.Home app?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: SWLinPHX 

I need to know if every telephone number registered in a home (for presence sensing only) has full access and control in the Google Home app, such as changing schedules, changing temperature, changing preferences, etc.  I have read and seen indicators of access control levels (manager, etc.) but don't know if that feature is active yet or what the options are.  Using them in short-term vacation rentals.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Google has two apps for managing thermostats, and other Nest products. The older thermostat models are setup and managed in the Google Nest app. The new thermostat model from 2020 is setup and managed in the Google Home app only, and not the Nest app.
The Google Nest app does have different levels of access, such as owner, full access and home entry only. Perhaps confusingly, if you haven’t migrated from a Nest account to a Google account, you can still manage homes and people who share access to your home with the Nest app, with those different levels of access.
However, if you started using the Nest app after August 19, 2019, or if you migrate to a Google account, that all changes. You then change to managing homes and people who share access to your home with the Google Home app instead. That app does not currently have different levels of access. Every home member has the same level of access as you.
I totally agree with you and hopefully, as the article you linked speculates, Google is working on addressing this and bringing levels of access to the Google Home app.