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Google Home app

Community Member

Does anyone have an easy way to actually capture video from the HOME cameras? Not the Nest but the Home? I am using a Pixel 7, but my last pixel didn't work either. All of the responses to other peoples questions are for the Nest app, which seems way superior to the "New and Improved" Home app and cameras. I have a mix, the 3 Nest cameras work in the Nest app but the Home app not so much.


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hi @bmiller100 

Here is the document that I refer to. See if this has the info you need about videos with the cameras using the Home app. 

Like you, I have a mix of new and older cameras.  My new wired doorbell can only download video where events have happened rather than just a block of time.

Community Member

Thanks Jill, I have the app open as before, I am on an event. I have a down arrow on the top left, unfortunately it takes me back to the home screen all of the cameras. I have the 3 dots top right, it has Help (not so much), "turn off camera, and Event feedback. The feedback option looks like it is an attempt to help the machine learning. I also have the gear icon, that menu does not have a download option.

Wouldn't that be ironic if the menu they list for IOS devices, because hey I am using a Google branded phone and Google branded cameras, but they are optimized to work best on IOS.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


@bmiller100, thanks for reaching out here in the Community and I appreciate you sharing here the situation about your concern. You may double check the event you wanted to download then tap Event details. Near the top of the screen, tap Download to save the video clip to your phone. From there, you can share the video clip via email or social media app. Let us know how it goes.




Thanks Emerson, I see now the event details is underneath the video and only shows at the exact timeline of the event, so it disappears on a short event as soon as the video scrolls past it making it easy to miss. Also clicking "Event details" opens an activity screen below the video, actually takes up most of the screen, and then the download icon appears at the top right of the screen in the video clip, to the left of the gear icon. Maybe not as intuitive as it could be but at least it is functional. Thanks again.

It would be nice if it allowed us to extend the clip as some of the items only register as an event for a short time of the activity it sees.