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Google Home having trouble controlling my Google TV

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I have a new (3 day old) GoogleTV that is all set up and linked to my new (3 day old) Nest Mini. I have my services linked (YouTube Premium, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video) to Google Home. The problem is generally with the TV. 

1. When the TV goes into Ambient Mode, sometimes, I can say "Hey Google... turn on Master TV" and it goes to the home screen of my TV. But sometimes it says "It looks like 'Master TV' is not available right now." It's completely intermittent. I've tested it dozens and dozens of times and sometimes everything is normal. Sometimes it says "Master TV is not available" even though it's turned on and in Ambient Mode. 

2. Sometimes I can say... "Hey Google... Play (name of song) on YouTube on Master TV" and it will play the song or video requested. But sometimes, Nest will respond "I'm sorry, I can't launch apps on this TV."

3. Sometimes, I can say... "Hey Google... Start Netflix on Master TV." and it goes straight to Netflix. Sometimes it says "I'm sorry, I can't control apps on this TV" (or something to that effect. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. I know the functionality is there because it was working for a day straight and not it's not. 

4. Sometimes, I can say "Hey Google... turn off Master TV" and it turns the TV off. Sometimes, it just waits a few seconds and I just hear a "donk" on the speaker and nothing happens. Same thing if I tell it to turn the Master TV on. Again, I know it has this functionality. It was working and then it wasn't and it's still intermittent working in some circumstances but not other and there doesn't seem to be a pattern. 

This is a small bedroom. I'm 8 feet from the TV. The equipment is all brand new in the last 3 days. It's all been updated to latest versions/updates. I know that everything is set-up/linked correctly because it was working (most of the time) and now it's rarely/occasionally working under certain circumstances.

Please help. TV is brand new HiSense A65H with GoogleTV operating system. Speaker is Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen purchased brand new from Walmart. 


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Google Home is trash. Same Brand TV. It just doesn't work.