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Google Nest Support is Useless; Integrations are Broken

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I have had a ticket open with support since May 27th and I am getting the runaround. My issue is as follows: I cannot connect Works with Google devices to my Google home, in the app. I attempt to add the device and when I click the third party from the list in google home app, it get redirected back to google home after the screen briefly tries to redirect me to the oAuth login page for the third party. See attached picture of error message. This includes Kasa, YeeLight, NEST (by Google) and Wyze. I am on Android 10.

I have tried the entire gamut of support steps given to me by Google support which basically had nothing to do with my issue.

I have factory reset my phone.

I have removed and completely reset my Google home and the app itself.

I have reinstalled third party apps repeatedly.

I have contacted third party app teams.


I will never buy a Google phone or use a Google service until support becomes less of a **bleep** show.

I spent some time on the phone with Jessica from support to start off getting help with my issue. For reasons unknown to me she had me resetting my Google home speakers multiple times and asking it questions. I repeated many times that this was not my issue - the Google home speakers are fine and I would rather just disconnect them entirely and focus on my actual issue. After what felt like an eternity of needless troubleshooting she informed me that many other customers are experiencing the same issue so my issue would be escalated and Jessica would confer with some team on their side. To be honest, I felt like this was probably a lie but I said fine.

I got an email a few days later informing me that the issue is not with Google home app and I would have to contact the third party app providers for help. Weird how there were initially a lot of people experiencing my issue - I guess this was a lie. I explained that I do not believe it has to do with the third party apps. I have some knowledge in this area and I know when we release an app, we test on multiple devices with multiple versions of Android for this exact reason. Especially when it deals with an auth flow with a third party provider.

I keep following up on the email thread because things are silent while none of my stuff is working. This went on for weeks.

Finally get a response and am told to try on a different Android phone. I finally get a hold of a pixel 6 on the latest Android and shocker, the app works fine. No surprise there. This again confirms my theory that the app or auth provider or something was updated and broke on devices running my version of android. I report this to Jessica.

I hear back from Jessica who seems to think this somehow confirms her theory that the issue does not lie with Google but with the third party providers. At this point, I want to know what happened to all the other people who were experiencing my issue? I asked about that and got no response.

Again, anyone with knowledge in this area would suspect that the issue is probably with Google when MULTIPLE integrations break at the same time in the same spot for a specific version. It could be an update to how the auth is handled or the redirection back to the google app is not being handled by google anymore properly on my API version who knows.

I sent this information to Jessica.

I get another email from Jessica and am told basically the same information again. I contacted Kasa and they said they know nothing about this, to nobodies surprise. What I also discovered during this time is that my Nest (by Google) is also not pairing and I am getting the same issue. Well, surprise, Jessica is from the Nest support team. I send this new information to Jessica who then tells me that I will be transferred to the Google Nest support team. The team that Jessica is on, and is listed in her email signature.


I am tired of getting a runaround on this. I don't even care if I get help at this point because to be honest I can tell I am on my own. This is more of a warning to anyone else who is paying for Google services or devices - the support is terrible and if you have an issue that can't be fixed with a simple reset you are basically screwed.