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Google and Smarterthings lights

Community Member

I have several Juno kitchen lights that I've attempted to integrate with the Google Home app. Unfortunately, the app couldn't detect them during the search process. Interestingly, I can connect to and control these lights seamlessly through the SmartThings app. Even though I have synchronized both apps, the only devices visible on Google Home (through SmartThigns) is my dishwasher. It's frustrating, especially since the packaging of the Juno lights indicates compatibility with Google Home. I'd greatly prefer using the Google Home app for this purpose.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi SpaceGhost,


That certainly hasn’t been easy for you. Since your dishwasher shows up in the Google Home app after linking the SmartThings app, the linking process of the third-party account is not an issue. I suggest that you contact Juno support to check if there’s anything you need to enable from the device settings or if there’s another app you should use to link the smart lights into the Google Home app.