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Kid as family member

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I already have since years home app, with a defined home and many devices.

As family member I also have my wife.

In Google home mini and google Hub 2 I see my daughter account (<13yrs family link supervised), where I activated all what is needed, included voice match, personale results and so on.

I'm experiencing some  (daughter)recognition issues in various devices (android tvs as example) and I want to try to add my daughter's account as family member; doing that the app point me to family link and clicking on the suggested link, starts family link that fall in error with a wifi not found error; uninstalling Google app updates remove the wifi errore, but fall in a no devices found (but I'm trying to add an account!).

I'm stuck in this


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Android TV does not support supervised accounts (Family link). The newer Google TV does.

Sorry, I mixed two type of things, without explaining in the right way.

I'm unable to get my daughter recognized on the tv: I know that I can't add my kids account on Android TV (but yes in GoogleTV), because I own a three Android TV (sony bravia xg, xiaomi P1 and TCL EP660) so I already bumped in this issue. I hope to get a google Tv update, at least for bravia and P1.

In the meantime I wanted to try to add my daughter as a family member in google home to try to reach at least an assistant voice match on all the devices (only a try, that probably will fail).

Doing that, I bumped on the issue in the subject : seems impossibile to add my daughter as a family member.

Hope this explain better

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

If her family link was setup with your account, and your account setup Google Home, she is a member of your house. You do need to give permission for her voice match on each device. Do this from your Family Link Parent app. Under her account, click on manage settings, Google assistant, add (name) to new devices. It will search and show any devices she is not set up on.

in family link my daughter account it's ok. voice match, personal results, time limits and so on.

Something appears to be changed aftergoogle nest hub 2 installation.

Previously my daughter was able to turn on-off tv, control volume with voice (by google home mini) etc.. now seems impossibile for her to do the same things (google repeat that device is not configured..).

This is what pointed me on family members. I was thinking that something could be linked to family members.. but this seems not true as you state above.

So I think I must surrender 🙂

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Can you control the TV with your voice? You may need to relink the TV, and then "Hey Google sync my devices"

Yes I can. Anyway I'll give it a try, but I sync my device often (like 1time a day) with an home automation routine (home assistant).

But anyway, I'll probably restart with a new home (a day or another )from the scratch to avoid any further error or "settings mix" that cause malfuntions.