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Media Alarm Set to Spotify vs Google Assistant Alarm

Community Member

I have the media alarm set daily to Spotify music to begin at 4 am. I am now all of a sudden getting this Google Assistant extremely annoying bong alarm each morning instead of my music. If I go into my Home app I can see that Spotify is playing although it is not. If I adjust the sound the music begins to play. Does anyone know how to get rid of the Google Assistant from my alarm? It is not located anywhere in my alarms. I have reset the Google Mini to factory settings and also reset my alarm and voice controls several times. Still, that annoying bong comes back. Apparently, there is no way to disassociate it now from my Google Home Mini setup. When it was first introduced it had a question if you wanted to use the Assistant. Now it does not it just shows up and takes over. When it is in the alarms you don't get to use the media alarm. I am hoping someone can help with this.