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Nest to Home migration (Public Preview mode)

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I am in the public preview and have not migrated my Nest account into the Home app. Something that I have noted is there is no ability to do much of anything with cameras or doorbells, except view your own live feeds. Once the migration is mandatory, will we lose the ability to share a live stream (either public or private w/password), adjust my own camera/doorbell's microphone, and zoom/enhance the live stream's image?

My 89-year-old Mom lives in an area that has heavy border crosser activity and lives alone. She has a 1st gen outdoor camera (wired) focused on her driveway that allows me the ability to occasionally view her live stream access via password. We originally purchased and installed this outdoor camera for her safety and security. She has her own live stream on a separate computer monitor so that she can see if somebody is in her driveway and has shared the live stream via password to me so that I can occasionally view what is happening in the driveway area and also to make sure that nothing has happened like immigrant foot traffic or her falling in the driveway without any way of communicating to emergency personnel.

As I have already stated, I have noted (in public preview mode) that there is no way to share a live stream or change the microphone volume on my doorbell. When this mandatory migration of Nest to Home occurs for all cameras and doorbells, will these issues be fixed or will I need to investigate purchasing different brands of cameras/doorbells for both our home and her home?



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello EG-17,


Thanks for posting here in the Community. The public preview mode for Nest Camera is only available for 1st Generation Nest Cameras and the Nest Hello Doorbell. So even after migrating your Nest account to Google, you will still have this feature available to share your video stream via public link or link with password, and you can still adjust the settings of your cameras or doorbell through the webapp, which is


Let me know if you have additional questions.