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Hi, I'm have a problem with linking my 2 soundbars (Vizio SB3651-H6 and SB3621) to Google home. I seen 2 other people had similar issues but they seem to have left the chat too earlier for a solution but I'll be waiting for any and all help, recommendations or latest issues. I would like to enjoy the pleasure of saying 'Hey Google' to my Phone,"play The Beach Boys, Kokomo" and enjoy smooth melodies. Thanks


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Hey there, 


This is a Vizio issue that's incredibly common sadly.  I have the SB3651 myself, and it's connection is flakey to say the least.  In fact when I do get it connected, it ends up creating latency that grows as time passes so that audio becomes unsynced with video.  You can try to factory reset the soundbar and start fresh, but it's going to be hit and miss sadly.  Wish I had a better answer for you!