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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Nest Community Members, 

Since launch, many of our long-time Nest customers have provided valuable feedback on our new Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Doorbell (battery) devices -- particularly on the transition to the Google Home app experience. We hear you, and we’re taking your feedback to heart. In this post, I want to share more about our commitments to you going forward. 


The transition to the Google Home app

Our new cameras, including the upcoming Nest Cam (indoor, wired) and Nest Cam with floodlight, were made specifically for the Google Home app. Unlike the Nest app, the Google Home app was built to accommodate both battery and wired products, event-based and 24/7 continuous video history, while giving you a whole home view and history of your camera and doorbell feeds across all Nest cameras. You can check out the recent Nest Community blog if you want to read more on Nest cameras and the Home app. 

We chose to transition to the Home app because this app is designed for the future of the smart home — a single place to set up, manage, automate, and control your home. Today, most home devices are controlled across multiple apps, but we’re working on making the Google Home app the central controller across all your home devices, including Google devices and devices from 1,000s of other brands. We continue to make major improvements to the Home app to support this future. 

That being said, this means that existing Nest households with cameras and doorbells prior to Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Doorbell (battery) may have a two app experience. We know this can be frustrating, and we are committed to bringing the experiences and Nest devices you have come to love in the Nest app into the Home app. This will take time to get right, and we will continue to share more details as we have updates.

We are listening to your feedback and will continue to make improvements to advance the camera experience in the Home app. For example, we’ll soon introduce the ability to flip between events quickly and easily, which is helpful for events that are far apart, or if you only want a glimpse of the events versus playing them back fully. And we’ve also been working on rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app, so the new Nest cameras and doorbell feeds can be viewed and controlled from there. This will launch in 2022. 


Other updates

We also heard feedback from many on the multi-pack cameras only offering a single charging cable. We recognize that this doesn't work for all users, so we are offering a free additional cable(s) to customers who purchased the two-pack or three-pack. Just contact our support team.

Finally, we commit to being more transparent with you on where we are taking the camera portfolio. We know that those with wired doorbell connections prefer to have a doorbell that can also support 24/7 continuous video history (via the Nest Aware subscription). We are excited to share that we will be launching a 2nd generation of Nest Doorbell (wired) in 2022. 


Hopefully this post gives you more context on where we’re heading together, and we’ll share our upcoming plans here on the Nest Community. I encourage you to share your feedback with us as we continually improve our products and experiences.



Rishi Chandra

GM/VP of Google Nest

Community Member

I was told that there is going to be an upgrade of the nest products to 5 G and that it may render Older 3G products unusable. Is this true? When will this happen? What is the recourse for the older products. I don’t know if mine are upgradable. Please advise. Ellen M.

Community Member

We cannot use the new NEST cameras because we are a GSUITE user - We thought that using a google to google type system would be ideal - but have come to find out you designed a system that makes us unable to use NEST products now.

Why should we resell these products if we cannot use them?

Incredibly hard to setup and get honest answers.

Community Member

Fantastic news about the wired nest camera and the web/desktop portal for the cameras.

Really the only thing on my wishlist now is a PoE based camera and security system.


Community Member

All of this is great, but useless without support for Workspace accounts. 


Mr. Chandra,

You say "we are listening to your feedback", but this is what has happened to me:

On Thursday, Sept. 23, with my User Tag of "MplsCustomer", I tried to post a reply to Google Community Specialist Brad, indicating the problem on a thread had not been resolved. My reply was immediately deleted, as were my attempts to re-post my reply. I then discovered I could not post on ANY thread ANYWHERE in the Google Nest Community. This completely baffled me, because I have not spammed the forum or posted anything untruthful or rude, and Google has not told me I've been banned. Rather, Google simply deletes my posts as soon as they are posted.

I contacted Google Nest Support several times and was told that they did not know why I was being banned, were unable to find out why I was being banned, were unable to find out who I could contact, and were therefore completely unable to help me. They told me instead to log into the Google Nest Community forum with a different account and post a question asking why.

At Google Nest Support's direction on Friday, Sept. 24, I logged in with a different account with a User Tag of "MplsCustomer2", and posted a question asking why I had been banned from posting in the Google Nest Community Forum.

On Monday, Sept. 27, Google Community Specialist Brad posted a reply to my question, saying Google "locked threads" from time to time. Since my problem was not with a "locked thread" but with being banned ENTIRELY from the forum, I tried responding politely to Brad's reply to clarify my problem . My reply with a User Tag of "MplsCustomer" was immediately removed, as were my attempts to reply with a User Tag of "MplsCustomer2". I even tried using an old third account with a User Tag of "MplsCustomer3" in an attempt to reply, and discovered that that account was ALSO blocked.

Someone or something at Google has now blocked all three of my Google accounts from posting ANYTHING WHATSOEVER on the Google Nest Community forum to help support my 10 Google Nest products. This began when I tried to post a comment about the Google Nest Battery Camera. The blocking continues.

Please address this problem and unblock me.

Community Member

I tried to request the additional cables from support (3-pack) and Support said that the system only allows them to send 1 when I needed 2. Maybe should update the blog post to said that only one is allowed.

UPDATE: I received a call and email from Google Nest Support and they were reviewing my request and sent out another cable to me since the initial request only allowed for 1. I was happy for their attentive support.

Community Member

I have an older Nest Door Bell and the older Outdoor IQ. Good products....

Had I known that this was all part of a grand transition strategy, I would have not waited 9 months from when you EOL'd the Nest Outdoor IQ until now to only be hugely disappointed by the customer experienced and to be told to hang in there until 2022 . The new camera is alpha at best, given the terrible UI of Google Home, and its poor support for legacy Nest devices and customers.

In my pre-retirement life, I would have been fired had I launched a product as poorly executed as this new Nest Outdoor Cam. I just hope you can process my refund without too much additional hassle. BTW, there are huge bugs in that process as well..... Multiple RMAs, multiple shipping labels, multiple shipping vendors, all going the same place. Does anyone eat the dog food in your shop? 



Community Member

As a part of the improvements, will this include adding the new cameras to the SDM API?

Community Member

Please make sure that 2nd generation of Nest Doorbell (wired) can be connected to Japanese power supply. 😍

Community Member

You guys really can't get out of your own way, can you? 

This tragedy of an app migration has been hamfisted and disjointed for, what, two years now? From the force-transition-everyone-to-Google-accounts to the complete, stunning lack of parity for even the most basic home camera features in the Google Home app, to now releasing an entire line of worse-performing, worse-specced cameras that ONLY work in the hobbled app. 

How do you still have a job, Rishi? How are you sitting in Product Roadmap meetings, listening to the team bring to you their wild pitch of: "we're going to make a doorbell that works with battery, because that's been a pain point for some users who don't have wired setups!"

"That sounds great! Will users with wired setups be able to plug theirs in as well?"


"Oh, okay, awesome. And that will provide 24/7 video recording, just like the Nest Hello?"

"Ooooooh, yeah about that--"

"Well, why wouldn't it? It's plugged in. It has a constant power source. What's the hold up?"

"It's too thin."

"It's too... thin?"

"Yeah, we made it too thin. It overheats."


"We wanted it to be thin!"

"More than we wanted it to... function as a camera?"



"However, whether you choose battery or wired installation, the Nest Doorbell (battery) cannot continuously record 24/7 video history."

How is every single person in the command chain that allowed that sentence to make it through to a PRODUCTION PRODUCT still employed? How on earth did YOU, Rishi, VP of Google Nest, not stand up and go "whoa whoa whoa guys just make it a few mm thicker it's not going into anyone's pockets here!" 

You all are completely insane. You've taken a phenomenal product company and driven it into the ground with ho-hum also ran products that can BARELY DO WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO. You've cleaved your product line into two: Before Stupid and After Stupid. And the After Stupid is winning. You've decided that two or three YEARS of compromises because of your poor planning, coordination, and complete ineptitude are the thanks your loyal users get? Like when you completely ruined Works With Nest? And then took 18 months to bring back simple functionality like "unlocking your NEST door lock can set your NEST home to Home" so that other apps can pay attention to your Home/Away and respond accordingly?

Now you've EOLed the functioning products, like the Outdoor IQ cam, and replaced them with a dumpster fire of a low resolution sad camera that can't be displayed in the same app that has my 10 other cameras? So I can't even replace my now dead Outdoor (non-IQ) cam with a cam that will work where all my other cameras are? 

Oh, no, I guess my old cameras DO appear in the Google Home app. Just, you know, without the sightline, or the ability to easily view any of the footage. But that's okay, because surely there's a simple web app I can--wait, "sometime in 2022"? Which in Google Speak is basically November-or-worse? 

But back to your product designers who thought that slimming down a doorbell was worth kneecapping the device's potential capabilities, such that you have to write THIS hat-in-hand announcement that a version of the **bleep** thing that works like it was supposed to work (and which, you know, works more like the Hello has worked for YEARS) will be coming soon... how on EARTH did "a few mm slimmer" outrank "can record video like all wired security cams can" in your prioritized list of features? 

What on earth are you guys doing over there?

Then you blow $400M into ADT for... I literally have no clue, because you THEN turn around and completely dump a very very capable, nice Nest Secure alarm system that you worked on for years. And have the gall to market a Google Home Hub and a camera as a "Total Security Package"? 

A "Total Security Package" that... cannot actually monitor a door or window opening, or have an alarm status, or any alarm at all, or any monitoring service besides the user being near their phone and feverishly mashing the emergency popup button? 

You guys are the very purest navel-gazing definition of "one step forward, ten steps backward." 

How the hell Pichai hasn't fired you all into the sun, I'll never know. 

You should all actively be ashamed of yourselves. You've spent YEARS releasing these abortive half-completed products. You've spent YEARS actively degrading the user experience of your most loyal users, and, well, anyone who's come along after. It's one thing if you can't measure up to your competitors. It's another, deeply embarrassing thing when you can't even measure up to your former selves. 

Get your heads on straight, get some coordination and some true product management, stop making ridiculous design, form-over-function decisions, and do whatever the hell it takes to fix the broken nightmare that is the Google Home app for Nest devices. Y'all a trillion dollar company. Maybe act like it.

Community Member

Glad to see you are hearing us! BTW: It was already realy good that you get in contact with us via Reddit, hope you have documented all Feedback the Community already submitted there.. For Example:

- I still can't believe that my new Nest Cams (with Battery) are not supported by the Alexa Skill! I Love Google Products but sorry with regards to Smart Displays I will never Switch from the Amazon (Alexa Echo Show) Ecosystem!

- The USB-A Cableend is Bad in 2021 especially when you want to bring the cable through a hole..

- I also dont like that the proprietary plug is bending to the Front Instead pointing to the wall..

Community Member

You might want to get this memo to Support. I'm in chat arguing with them about getting the 2nd cable now. They're trying to tell me that it's intentionally shipped with only one cable:

"The inclusion of a single cable is intentional. Your cameras shouldn't usually need to be charged at the same time due to differences in usage, such as event frequency or scene the camera is observing, sensitivity and event duration settings, etc." 

Community Member

This response is terrible and just attempting to save face. 

Nest App to Home App. Fine. However, you. Weren’t. Ready. Google / Nest wasn’t ready. You can’t clamor in the potential future of Google Home while alienating your own products. Oh, not good enough? Just use two apps! To make things worse - we don’t have a realistic time line. Just, “it’ll take some time”. 
I have so many Nest / Google products in my primarily Apple home, but these moves keep making me consider going to the big A company. 

Community Member

Thank you so much

Community Member

Thanks for the update. Regarding bringing Nest devices into the Google Home app, I noticed there was no timeframe (not even year 2022, which could still be up to 15 months away) for Nest Protect smoke detectors to be supported in the Google Home app. So I have zero confidence that this product will ever be supported in the Google Home app or Google Nest Hubs. 

Frankly, it doesn't matter anyway, because I am interested in supporting companies with my dollars that elevate and amplify American freedoms and values rather than suppress them. Google sadly falls into the latter category. What a shame that Google took advantage of all of the freedoms of this country to grow into a successful company, only to use that power to suppress the freedoms of others.

I enjoy Google's products, but I abhor Google's values. So I will be taking my dollars elsewhere, even if it costs me twice as much. It will be worth every penny. 

Community Member

Thanks for the update.

The best feature of the Nest app for me is the ability to scroll through my 24/7 recording cameras and see content on the fly as I scroll up and down. Seeing events is nice, but that scrolling ability is key for making sure pets haven't moved anything around over the course of the workday.

It's also done in an elegant, simple-to-use manner in the Nest app. I would hope this feature can be moved into the Google Home app. It's the primary reason why I've invested in several of the cameras around my house.

Community Member


Why did you drop one of your best cameras, the Nest IQ and not offer ANY acceptable replacement!!  

NOTHING in the Google Nest line even compares to the quality and features of this camera.  

You have signaled to the world that Google Nest is not a company wanting to enjoy impressing the world and customers with amazing technology, rather dumb the product down, and nobody will notice!  

We are NOT sheep Rishi !  There are companies in this market space now showing better customer service and advancement in technology that are encouraging positive relationships.  Google has taken the Nest products and basically developed them into a garage sale item now.  

What a TOTAL embarrassment to the Google brand and to what the Nest people painstakingly built and partnered with the American people to believe ad invest in.  As a long time multiple device Nest owner and subscriber, I now know I will need to abandon my entire Nest system and seek another partner. 

Rishi, what you and your team has done to the Nest product line and technology is embarrassingly deceptive.  You should do the honorable and right thing….resign and let someone with vision run this company.

@disillusioned @cici 


Community Member

You guys continue to dumb down and cheapen the Nest line… I even read this morning where you’re removing the very elegant-feeling, very ergonomic dial on the Nest themostat…

I’m going to offer you some advice here, that I hope will save your line of products…

When are you ever gonna figure out that the reason people buy Nest products instead of Ring or Wyze, is because Nest products  (at least the old products) look, feel, and operate like a thing of high quality?

Removing that dial, or making a doorbell that’s a potato chip width thinner than the prior Nest doorbell but actually goes backwards in functionality on multiple levels, is a **reduction** in function and aesthetics, **NOT** a step forward!!  It’s not really the latest “thing” if it LOOKS cheap and plasticky, and OPERATES like a cheap and plasticky thing!

I’ve loved my Nest thermostat with the black color and elegant stainless steel dial now for years.. and when you turn that dial, it FEELS elegant.  It’s worth paying for.  For the last year I’ve loved my wired Nest doorbell also… so much that I’ve now installed them at my parents’ home.  I could have bought Ring… I could have bought Wyze… it’s not that I don’t have other (cheaper) options… it’s that the Nest products have traditionally looked… felt… and operated… like something that was a cut above the cheap plasticky alternatives.  They look and operate like something that is a contemporary and elegant upgrade to your home. 

If you want to offer cheap knock-offs to the Nest line, fine, do that…. But KEEP the higher echelon products available to those who are willing to pay for real quality… trust me, we’re out here, we built the Nest customer base for that very reason. 

The developers of the Nest line must be so embarrassed… I’m sure you came in there telling them how you were going to take the product “to the next level with the resources of Google”, etc, etc, et al.   Instead you are hell-bent on taking a great selling product of distinction and cheapening/diluting it down until the hardware and functionality are no better than the other cheapo options on the market.  You no longer stand out from the pack because you’re sacrificing the distinctive design quality that made Nest great, just so you can sell like the ordinary cheapo you are becoming.   

Community Member

I’m so confused…How does Google go from having an AMAZING iOS Nest App and iOSTV App that blows away any camera Alarm system for those of us HomeKit users that don’t mind that they can’t connect to each other. To over the course of 20 months having  an iOS TV app that’s no longer allowed to work after a forced migration. To now a discontinued Alarm System, A poor  (2) app experience for New Nest Cameras in a mixed environment of old/new cameras, and now being told wait till 2022 for exciting features in the future.  What person in Engineering and Customer Experience signed off on this before launch? I can’t imagine Alpha and/or Beta Google Focus Groups/Users saying how much they enjoy this new product and experience prior to final launch.  What’s worse is that this poor launch and rollout will force high return rates and lack of sales. Which will result in a delay to launch this exciting new app/experience. Simply because it will not be cost effective in 4-6 months when the new App/Home experience is launched. This is disappointing! 

Community Member
Community Member


Community Member

While I appreciate you reaching out to the community I think t much damage has been done.  Sometime in 2022 to view cams on the web is no where near acceptable to me. With the resource your company has you should be able to roll something out NEXT WEEK to at least bring basic viewing functionality for now.

I echo almost all the comments from users said in this thread.  

So VERY disappointed.  

Community Member


Community Member

Well I'm very interested in this and! Assume a competitive other manufacturer products. I've turned 69 today and so am outdated or a different perspective?  Stumbled here and cannot read the fine print which probably cannot be modified anyway?  So the errors and ENDLESS words..... I'm up for the idea but implementation and delays are killing me and making me crazy. There's obviously people much brighter than me. Pinchai is mentioned and reading all comments is always a challenge or?  So community and open source and life got me here..... Where to for now? Was promised refunds and help and STILL waiting or case closed on lack of attention or actions rather than response and resolve but it's the elephant or alphabet in the room or Cyberspace?  Please help and advise or resolve but stop **bleep**ing with me and allow the f word as professional rather than an excuse?  I have enough excuses myself as sure others do too?

Community Member

Just saw a hint too late too..... story of life and it's back @GoogleNestTeam which gave me that so Hint: @limks tto members @@rishi show's no matches @@google fi same @Nadia  another work in progress but don't tell the truth and hide behind privacy was an earlier lost thought

Community Member

Lovely little blurb you have about transitioning to the future but if I want to invest $179 in the future I'll buy Apple. Google has the vision of tree bark.

You bought Nest, a great app with constant, and scrollable, video recording and ability to clip. You stopped selling the outdoor cameras that work with it and have ruined the home security experience. Nest worked. You should leave it alone. google home is great for lightbulbs but let the big boys handle cameras and camera apps. Google has no idea how to enhance an existing service but they sure do know how to **bleep** one up.

Time to look into other cameras for the "future".

Community Member



Community Member

Since the update 5 days ago on the Google home the Feit electric app is no longer linked to Google home and every time I try to link it it says something went wrong? 

Community Member

As a business owner of a Custom Integration company. I feel let down. I was 1 of many that was involved in watching the google summit. It was put together very well. It’s sad that it was a bunch of lies and misdirection. But put together very well. You promised better products and a way to contact you if we have questions. I can’t get ahold of anybody. Somebody in a previous comment said you made a crappy product and now you are hiding from what you did (in so many words. I summed it up.). I concur.

You took a great company. That made great products, discontinued there products and made a pile of useless crap. I used to be able to go into a customers home. Spec out Nest products along with other automation products. Integrate everything together and make a great smart home. My clients loved what I did for them. Everything worked very smooth.

Now you taken all of the drivers away for a system to work with any automation system. You have not came out with a new driver for anything. We (meaning all custom integrators) can’t spec any of the Nest products anymore. We have to use other products. Once we all make the change to other products. I’m pretty sure you will lose your CI Nest Pros. I’m guessing you don’t care about this to much. You are manufacturing consumer quality products now. They are cheaply made and don’t work like the ones you discontinued. 

Talking about discounting. You discontinued Nest secure. Told us that you have partnered with ADT. Well…. CI can’t use ADT unless we become a ADT dealer. Then we run into having to purchase a bunch ADT crap we don’t need nor want. We get certain areas and that’s not what we want to do. We want to sell a basic system a few door sensors a couple of indoor cams for motion. That’s it. You took that away from us. I’m not interested in doing business with ADT.

To add more salt to the wound. It was said during the summit. “We are discontinuing Nest Secure. But we will still make the sensors and tags and we will still support the product”. That’s where the lies start coming in. Are you starting to see where we are having a problem coming in @rishi @GoogleNestTeam. You can’t lie to the Nest Pros who support you and sell your products to customers. We are the front line. The customers buy what we suggest because they trust us. Not you, US. You are ruining this industry.

Now to comment back on the new cameras. They suck. You built crap and put a pretty bow on it. But its still crap. Nobody wants to remove there cameras and recharge them. Nobody wants the camera to record only for motion. Sometimes the motion sensors don’t work all the time and they miss what they are supposed to catch. You built them cheap and cut out the good stuff that makes Nest Cams a quality product.

If you were to come out with a POE camera. That would be a CI’s best friend. 

Sorry about making it public about how you are liars and ruining this industry. But you leave no other way to contact you other than a blog that i have no idea how i got here.

Community Member

I'm hugely skeptical, as loads of Google Workspace users - especially those that have been users since Goole Apps For Your Domain - have been left out in the cold by the restrictions on doing so many things with the Google Home app. We can't migrate our Nest accounts to Google Home, subscribe to YouTube Premium, etc. Now we can't even use the new cameras with either our Nest OR our Workspace account. 

Community Member

I feel let down by Google. The original Nest cams were great for people who wanted cameras without the hassle of using DVRs.  


Then came the sightline feature, which for me, was a knock out of the park. One of the most overlooked features of the Nest cams.


As a person who promotes Google products to their friends and people looking for security options. It's hard to mention Nest products anymore. You ruined the sightline feature using the Google home app. It currently is so flawed, a big step back from the sightline in the Nest app. You choose to focus more on battery powered cameras instead of higher quality picture plug in cameras. This is where you got your start. Why would you not stick to your roots, and develop more wired cameras. The groundwork is there for Google. Cloud based DVR, the future of cameras, but yall went the wrong direction focusing on battery powered instead of higher quality picture.

Not applicable

Davion Taylor

Community Member

Nest has been nothing but a disappointment recently. I had an entire home with tons of Nest products and they used to work flawlessly. Now with the forced use of the Home app, the incredibly aged and already outdated "new cameras", I'm jumping ship. I sold the house and left all the nest products there for the new owner. I am currently building my next home and will not be going with Nest. The products are rarely updated and even when they are they are disappointing. The entire Nest leadership team should be fired for ruining a once good company.

Community Member

Google totally sucks because it will start playing music when one has not  asked it to play. Then COMPLETELY ignores ALL commands to stop. Even when screaming to be heard from this flicker!!! Google needs to immediately correct these Issues!

Community Member

“we are committed to bringing the experiences and Nest devices you have come to love in the Nest app into the Home app.”

This comment above, from Google Nest team is FRUITLESS. 
This is a FORUM/STAGE/COMMUNITY & you are putting LOCKS on “Verified Customer” 


Ive seen several community customers with GENUINE issues & along comes a “Community Leader” (with no verified credentials ), responding to a customer, afterwards their comment is LOCKED BY THE COMMUNITY LEADER. 
Google sucked the LIFE out of a great company (Nest) & without warning, replaced ‘Core Values’ with ‘Take it or Leave it’. !! 
I’ve LOST all footage for the last 30 days! Why? I had a fraudulent charge on the card I used(unrelated to Nest). Nest was one of the, of all things, an Auto payment. I didn’t update my card for Nest & “POOF”, all footage GONE! GONE! GONE! 

I don’t want to here your apologies, your “we are here for you” SCRIPT! 
I want the “LOST” Past 30 days of my paid footage!!

You should have let Original Nest Customers continue their plans under Nest guidelines! 
If not; REMOVE the NEST company name & call it for what it is: GOOGLE! Not GOOGLE NEST!



Community Member

You've completely missed the point google. We dont want the home app. it is rubbish and difficult to use. we want the nest app, the nest app is why we brought the cameras. The cameras themselves are nothing special, it was the ease of use in the nest app that made them good. You have completely killed the experience with your outdated app.  You havn't brought a single feature that was good in the nest app across.

You should all go give your heads a good wobble.

**bleep**ing disaster of the highest order. Well done on showing your competitors how not to do it!

Community Member

Another point.. you cant set up email alerts on the new cameras. whats the point in that?? Unless you are looking at your phone 24/7 you dont get any alerts??

Community Member

I pre-purchased the Google Nest Camera Battery.  I spent hours trying to get this to add to my Nest App but came to find out that this new camera isn't compatible with the Nest App.  Nowhere in the pre-order did it state that this Google Nest Camera Battery was NOT compatible with the Nest App.


I've been a customer starting with the original DropCam and currently have several dozen devices spread across five different locations.  These devices include indoor and outdoor cameras, nest doorbells, nest protects, nest security, and nest hubs.


Google Home App had always been and continues to be a complete dumpster fire.  If this is Google is going with their new devices, I'm done purchasing Nest Devices.


Shame on Google

Community Member

Rishi, you should be fired. You led your team to ruin both Google Home and Nest

Community Member

I’m not going to beat a dead horse after reading this entire blog.

I just want to know.

1. Is the Nest app, Nest Aware features and subscription eventually going away completely. Yes or No
2. If I purchased a set of the old original wired outdoor cameras will they still be able to be setup and used in the Nest App as all my other equipment, unlike these new “POS” cameras I just bought. Yes or No

And if the Original Nest quality of products line and it’s Awesome features will be gone  and not inline with Googles vision or plans. PLEASE Stop using the Nest Name on your crap!

I don’t care if you bought them out! I paid and will pay for Quality! You have completely ruined the products and its entire user experience beyond words! 🤬

Community Member


Community Member

If someone figures out how to structure a class action law suit for how Google is handling loyal nest consumers, I would gladly join it.

Community Member

I really wish you had written this blog post before I bought the Nest Battery Doorbell. It's pretty crummy that you didn't make it clear the new devices were not compatible with the existing ecosystem. I feel like I was scammed. I mean why would anyone think that the Nest Doorbell doesn't work with the Nest App? Or why not wait until the new app supports the old devices before launching? Or just wait to launch the new devices until you fully support them. I want my money back. 

Community Member

Proszę o pomoc skradziono mi osobowość. W Uk

Community Member

I am extremely disappointed in Google for this exceedingly poor decision.  If the Google Home app offered the same functionality as the Nest app, this lack of Nest App support with the new cameras would not be a major deal breaker.  However, Google Home is terrible with cameras and does not seem to be able to send notifications, view history, or do many of the other things that made the Nest App and functionality so appealing. 


I will no longer be recommending that people adopt the Nest line of products, nor will I be purchasing any more Google hardware due to Google's unreliability, dishonesty (the battery camera excuse is a joke), and seeming desire to kill the entire (formerly great) Nest line of products.  If Google cares to continue the Nest line of products, they need to quickly replace the management team that is running this part of Google into the ground.

Thank you,

Community Member

I would really like to know *which* Nest devices you're planning on bringing into Google Home. As a die-hard Nest fanatic, I own a ton of your products and you've done nothing but poke us in the eye.

  • Nest Cam IQ (indoor/outdoor), you can view the feeds in Google Home... but you still have to use the Nest app to see events and change settings
  • Nest Temperature Sensors - only works in the Nest app
  • Nest Protect (smoke alarms) - EOL'ed... so are those never getting supported?
  • Nest Secure (home alarm) - EOL'ed after just a few years... so is that not getting supported either?

Sad thing is that I own all of that stuff. And the new Nest Cam (battery) w Floodlight and can't get everything to play along in a single app - even though it's all Nest stuff.

This is very disappointing. Huge Nest fan and own tons of Nest stuff but you guys are killing the product line piece by piece.

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

I just bought my first Nest Cam (with floodlight) and you can't even schedule it like the old Nest App?!?!?! lol

The only thing you can automate is the home and away routine, so, if you are at home, it is "off", like when you are asleep at night and someone breaks in. Who the hell thought of that?!?!?!

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@BG I just checked the Google Home app. If you select the ‘routines’ icon you can create a time driven routine that turns the floodlight on and off at certain times. Or are you talking about having it only record stuff between certain times? If it’s the second case, I couldn’t figure out how to do that while poking around in the app. 

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@eisenb11 Yes, I had tried that, but it will not let you use a timed start event only. It requires you to add a voice start event also, so you cannot save it without a voice command as well. 

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@BG Ah gotcha, just tried it out and you’re right. But you can get around it by adding some nonsensical voice command like ‘hdhdhdgdfsdsr273’.