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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Last November, Google Home Public Preview opened to provide early access to the latest Google Home app features (visit our Help Center to learn more about Public Preview and request an invite).

We know that changes to the Google Home app are important to our users, so we were eager for feedback. In December, once you all had a chance to try it out, we turned to Redditors in the Google Home subreddit to find out all of the things our customers were enjoying about the new app experience—and even the things that they weren't!

A group of Nest Product Mangers worked closely with the Google Nest Community team to respond to Redditors about all things Google Home app Public Preview, from pre-loaded routines to grouped light controls to even... Baby Shark? The Product Managers touched on some fun topics and even shed some light on what's to come in the future of Google Home.

We've included a few highlights below, and you can read the entire Public Preview Reddit Q&A in the Google Home subreddit.





We're planning to do more of these Q&As throughout 2023, so keep an eye out for future opportunities to connect with the Nest & Google Home Product Team right here in the Google Nest Community.


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