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Camera not properly keeping recordings

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I have a nest aware subscription and one wired nest camera. It was working fine for months, where it recorded activities 24/7. I accidentally removed it from my Google account in the Google home app. When I reinstalled the camera, it will only record up to the last 3 hours. I've made sure my Google home account and the Google account I have my subscription through are the same. I have tried factory resetting the camera twice. Nothing works. Why am I paying for this subscription if I'm getting nothing out of it?




Is your camera in the same Google Nest "home/structure" as your Nest Aware Plus subscription? If you have the Nest Aware Plus subscription, it gives you access to up to 10 days of 24/7 video history and up to 60 days of event video history on all cameras and doorbells in the same Google Nest "home/structure" on the same Google Nest account (

You can check which Nest Aware subscription applies to your camera by going to the camera in the Google Home app and going to Settings | Video | Video history.  Select "Video history" and see which option is checked.

You can also go to Settings | Nest Aware in the Google Home app to see what Nest Aware subscription you have for your Google Nest "home/structure".

You can also go to the Subscription Management page ( and click on your subscription to see which Google Nest "home/structure" it applies to.


Thank you for the response!

When I go to video history through my camera's settings, my only options to select are "no video history" or "3 hour history". No 24/7 options is available to click on.

When I go to Nest Aware in my Google Home app, it tells me I have a 30 day history subscription.

When I go to subscription Management on the google website, it also confirms I have the Nest Aware subscription with 30 days of event video history.

What can I do next? Again, I've already factory reset my camera multiple times and removed it from my home and added it again.


If you have a Nest Aware subscription (30 days of event video history), then you cannot have a 24/7 option. You have to have a Nest Aware Plus subscription to get a 24/7 video history option.

The only explanation I can think of for why your only choices are only "No video history" and "3 hour history" is that your camera might be in a different Google Nest "home/structure" than your Nest Aware subscription. If your Nest Aware subscription were in the same Google Nest "home/structure" as your camera, then you should also have a "30 day event video history" option for your camera because you have a Nest Aware (30 day event video history subscription.


Thank you, that makes sense about 30 day history, not 24/7 history. (I understand the difference, I meant 30 day history when I said 24/7 history, I just misspoke). And I used to have that option but when I accidentally removed the camera from my home/structure and readded it, 30 day history has never been an option again (even after multiple factory resets). I can confirm that the camera is in the same home/structure as my nest aware subscription. 

This is why I'm so frustrated. 30 day event video history SHOULD be an option, but it's not. And I've already paid for my subscription for a whole year. It renews in April. This problem occurred almost two months ago and I haven't been able to fix it (and I work with technology for a living!)


You could try the "Contact us" option under "Nest Aware Premier Care" on the page below to "Get 24/7 access to Nest Aware Experts on the Nest Customer Care team. They’re available to answer questions, help you access features, and manage your subscription."

I called them and got the answer.

I purchased a year subscription of 30 days of history back in April of 2022. At some point, they updated their subscriptions and made this one no longer a thing. The new 24/7 subscription does not work with the second gen cameras, now 2nd gen cameras only can go up to 3 hours back. So when my camera got disconnected and I reconnected it, my only options were no video history or 3 hour history, no matter what subscription I have.

So needless to say I'm furious a product I paid for no longer does what it was doing just fine, and a subscription I paid a whole year for stopped doing what I expected it to do.

Just letting you know how this got resolved. I won't be recommending ANYONE buy nest products.


We have a battery camera (2nd gen) plugged in with the optional cable and a Nest Aware Plus subscription and we get 24/7 history for the last 10 days. 

Mine is wired only and the guy on the phone said it wouldnt be compatible.


That’s quite puzzling. Our 2nd gen indoor camera also records 24/7 when it is turned on; we don’t keep that one on all the time. I don’t think there are ANY Google Nest Cameras that are restricted to event video history for only the last 3 hours if you have a Nest Aware subscription. The battery doorbell is restricted to event video history. See the link I included earlier for exact details. 

I did read those links.

I was on the phone with the nest support guy for half an hour. And that's the info he gave me. And my camera will not give any other option than 3 hours or no video history.


That is not right. If the support person told you the new 24/7 subscription does not work with the second gen cameras, and second gen cameras can only go back 3 hours, that its simply not true.

Somehow, your Nest Aware subscription is not being applied to your camera, As I said earlier, the only rational explanation I know of is that your camera is in a different Google Nest "home/structure" than your Nest Aware subscription. I saw one post where the customer inadvertently had two "homes"; both names looked the same, but one had a space either before or after the name, and Google Nest treated them as two separate "homes".

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Hello everyone,


@hrosesampley I'm dropping by to ensure that everything is covered here. How's it going with your Nest Camera? Were you able to read the last response of MplsCustomer? Also, for you to see the Nest Cameras that have free 3 hours of event video history, hit this link. Keep us posted.


I appreciate the response, MplsCustomer.




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Community Specialist

Hi there,

Just checking in on this thread and the activity on it. We'll leave this topic open for another 24 hours in case there are any follow-up questions or comments.

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Hey hrosesampley,


I just wanted to follow up to see if you still need our help. Please let us know as we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer and Emerson.