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Can’t view Nest camera mounting plate to install.

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Does anybody know if there is a way to install a nest camera without being able to see the camera minting plate?? Just moved into a new home with 2 next outdoor cameras. The previous owner has installed them and painted over the cords on the inside of the house. So when I try to pull off the camera outside to see the mounting plate to scan the QR code the cord has no give for me to pull it away. 


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You will always need a mounting plate but the new cameras do not have an arm from plate to camera, they attach directly to the magnetized plate. They work on both batteries or connected to power (same model),  If on batteries they last 2-3 months before recharging. You will not need cables, 


I'm just another Google Nest customer and do not have an Nest IQ Camera, but judging from the install video I've seen, I think you WILL need to pull the IQ camera's base away from the magnetic mounting plate in order to see the QR code on the bottom of the base, and you WILL need some slack in the cable in order to do so. Are you able to unscrew the painted-over clips on the painted-over cable to free up enough slack to pull the base away from the mounting plate?

Or you could wait until someone on this forum has a better idea.

One other issue you MIGHT face: I think the previous owner needs to have "removed" this camera from THEIR Nest account before you'll be able to install it on YOUR Nest account.

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Community Specialist

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Just checking in to see if you still need assistance with this issue. Please let me know if you need further assistance. 


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