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Confused; I can't add new Nest cameras to existing Nest account?

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Hello Nest Community!

I'm a long-time Nest user, and I currently have two Nest Cam Outdoor cameras, a thermostat (Display-3.4), and a temperature sensor installed on my Nest account.

I wanted to add some camera coverage for the backyard, so I bought a Nest Cam 2nd Gen Wired and a Nest Cam with floodlight at Best Buy.

I whip out my phone, open the Nest app, and click Add Device to scan the camera's QR code. The Nest app prompts me to open Google Home, which forces me through a similar wizard, when then asks me if I have a Nest account. I answer yes, it ships me back to the Nest app, and nothing happens.

How do I add these new cameras to my Nest account? It used to be so simple!




Your Nest Account and the Google Nest app are NOT the same thing.

The newer Google Nest cameras and doorbells released starting in the fall of 2021 can ONLY be installed using the Google Home app, and you will need to use the Google Home app to access history for these newer cameras and doorbells.

The older Google Nest cameras and doorbells continue to operate in the Google Nest app, but can be livestreamed in the Google Home app.

As long as you're logging onto both apps with the same Google Account, all of your devices will be on the same Nest Account.

If you are NOT already using a Google Account to log into the Google Nest app, then you'll need to migrate your Nest Account to Google before installing your two new cameras:

P.S., it IS confusing.  We've been using 2 apps since buying a battery camera in Sept. 2021.

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hello and welcome to what so many people have been complaining about (including me) ever since the new cams came out in 2021.  The new cams ONLY work on the Google Home app which is lacking in several ways.   We have all been waiting for Google to meet up to their commitment of migrating the NEST app functions to the Google Home app and they have failed us all miserable.  Breaks  my heart to say that. 

Your best is to return the camera and purchase the GEN 1 cameras used from an Ebay seller.  I have done this twice in the last few years and the fact that I get to stay in the NEST app makes me very happy.