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Don't sign up for Nest Aware looking for the previous day's events

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Community Specialist

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Original poster: PMA33 


Someone stole my neighbor's car last night. I realize that I did not have the Nest Aware, but when I was looking at my account, it said that I could sign up for a Nest Aware subscription and be given access to the past 10 days' video history.  As that made sense and would allow me to view the crime, I signed up.  Of course, after payment, I now don't have access to the past 10 day's video history and I contacted support a mere few minutes after.  The support representative advised me that Nest Aware only begins saving recordings as soon as you subscribe, and therefore you are unable to access the previous 10 days.  I just wanted to make sure this was CLEAR to everyone so that they didn't also lose $6 as I did.  I asked for a refund, again, a mere 5 minutes after subscribing, and was told they do not have the capability to do that (This is google, no?).  Very disappointed and just wanted to make sure the rest of the public is not misled, as I have seen others on this thread also complain about their misleading advertising.

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Hey thanks for doing this. I was about to sign up for nest aware with the same idea. 

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,

I’m sorry for the confusion here. We appreciate you sharing that with us. When you sign up with your Nest Aware subscription the recording starts on the day it’s activated. The best way you can do, is to save your important video clips when you’re on free trial because it overrides your event recording once you sign up with the paid subscription. Have a look at this article and let me know if you need more help: Event and 24/7 video history.




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Community Specialist

Hi there,

Just checking in on this thread and the activity on it. I wanted to thank you for the feedback you've shared with us. Please feel welcome to share your experience within the app with our engineers and developers. We'll leave this topic open for another 24 hours in case there are any follow-up questions or comments.

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