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Family can't access nest devices

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My wife is added to the "House" in Google home and the nest devices show up there but she can't access them. (First photo)


When she clicks on the front door camera it tries to connect.


Here's where things go sideways:

If she waits for it to connect it will ask if she has a Nest account. The Nest account is through my Google account but this screen gives zero options to connect with Google. If I try to login with my Gmail and password it will just throw an error. Here is the login screen with no Google option. 


If I go back and try to connect to the camera but instead of waiting I click the nest icon:


 it will give me the option to login through Google - which is great - but here is the next issue: I have to add my Google account to her phone which syncs everything (contacts, calendars, data, etc) and we don't want this. If we did we would just share a single Google on all devices and the issue with adding a family member would be zero since everyone in a family would just have one Google account.


How do I give my wife access to the nest devices given these issues?


Thank you!





My suggestion, as just another Google Nest customer, is that you try contacting Support, starting with the link below. On the "Resources" page, just click on "Next step" without selecting any of the Help topics; that should get you to the page with contact choices (chat or phone).

It seems you may have several issues going on that would be better to walk through with Support. One of them is that Google Nest seems to think that you have not migrated from a Nest Account to a Google Account.

Thank you for the reply. I will open a ticket with support but also want to have a public discussion because others will probably have the same issues. The goal is to help others as well.

Also, my Nest account was created through my Google account. I have never had an account through Nest directly. No need to migrate since it was created through Google.

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

One possibility is this:  When you invited your family member to have access you entered an account correct?  But if that account is what google calls a managed account then it will not work.  You can only invite people that have a simple (personal) @Gmail account.

We all have personal Gmail accounts.

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Great, another possibility eliminated.   Did you open a support ticket?

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This has been solved. 

Step 1: divorce my wife from the "House" on the Google home app. (Remove her from the house).

Step 2: My wife and every person who needs access needs to download the Nest app and make an account using their Google sign in. Use the sign in with Google button.

Step 3: Once they have created an account you should add them back to the house on the Google Home app. They will then have access to the Nest devices in the Nest app and on Google Home.

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Gold Product Expert

Thank you for posting this.  I think it will help other people as I see looking thru the forum a number of people have run into this

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@AaronW, awesome! I'm glad that everything has been sorted out, and I appreciate the resolution you've taken on how to make your wife have access to your Nest Cameras on the app. I'll be locking this thread within 24 hours. Feel free to create a new one if you have more questions or other concerns in the future.

Thanks for your help here, @MplsCustomer and @EmptyNester


All the best,