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Goggle nest cam kept dropping out connection

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We had just bought the Google nest cam two weeks ago. The live video kept dropping out while we have no problem with the wifi at home watching netfix etc on laptop or tv. 
the battery is supposed to last for months but it dropped tremendously! We have to recharged the cam in less than a week. 

so we brought the camera back to the store for another one, thinking that must be a faulty one. So they gave us a new one, the same situation happened. The live video kept dropping out every couple of minutes, the staff at the store suggested that might be something to do with out router setting, but we checked with our internet provider. They said as long as you have stable connection on the phone and all other products at home, it means it had nothing to do with them. 
it’s the goggle nest camera. 

so we don’t know where to seek help. Not sure what the problem is here. 

can anyone please share ? Appreciate .. 


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Thats just how they are. You will only get a short time viewing live unless its plugged into power full time. They do this to save battery power. The cameras are garbage i have 8 and none have ever worked as advertised...

My advice get a refund asap and change brands. Unless of course you want to be here like me 18 months after the purchase date hoping for a miracle to fix a constantly faulty product thats not fit for purpose and never has been...

The high battery usage occurs when the cameras are searching for a wifi signal in my experience

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Bigwhite_snow, thanks for reaching out — let’s see what's going on. A few questions: How far is y ourNest Doorbell (battery) from the router? Do you have other Nest devices in the house? Also, what Wi-Fi frequency band do you try to connect to (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)? 


While you might be able to move the location of your doorbell to improve its connection (especially if it's battery powered), it may not be the best solution. If possible, try the following instead:


  1. Move your Wi-Fi router closer to your doorbell.
  2. Move objects near your doorbell or router that might cause wireless interference.

kimmm, we appreciate your feedback. 




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Community Specialist

Hi there,


I just wanted to follow up if you were able to try the steps provided. Please let us know, as we would be happy to answer any questions you may have



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Community Specialist

Hello there,


We haven’t heard back from you, so I'll be locking this thread in 24 hours. Feel free to create a new one if you have other concerns in the future.