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Google Nest Doorbell Connection

Community Member

I purchased two Nest Doorbell Cameras (wired 1st Generation) in 2019, of which one continues to function well.  It shares the same internet as the rear door.

Once I discovered that a wire had come adrift, I paid for an engineer to reconnect the doorbell.  It still didn’t work properly, and I therefore undertook a ‘restart’ and ‘factory reset’.  The doorbell camera still appeared offline, although I could see pictures in the 'history' once more, which suggesteds the camera could see something.   I therefore ‘uninstalled’ the doorbell on my iPhone App, hoping that reinstalling it would resolve all issues.  Sadly, it hasn’t and I’ve now tried the following solutions:


  • Attempted to reinstall the doorbell using the QR Code on two different iPhones, standing less than 10 inches from the doorbell.
  • Restarted the internet router on multiple occasions.
  • Used ‘personal hotspots’ from two phones to reconnect.


In my opinion, the fault is not the App, iPhones or internet, since I still have one doorbell in use.  What I’d like to ask you is “Is the fault my Nest Doorbell”, and “what are my options now”?


Thank you.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi MyBad, 

Thanks for trying to isolate the issue with your Nest Hello doorbell (wired). Let’s see what’s going on —  a few questions: what’s the voltage of your transformer? How’s the temperature of the doorbell (warm, hot, cold or normal)? What country are you located in? Has there been any recent power outage in your area? Also, has it been exposed to direct sunlight?


Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Ensure the wires are connected securely into the doorbell.
  2. Remove the wires from the doorbell then use the included USB cable to plug your camera directly into a USB port on your computer.
  3. When the light pulses blue, wait for a couple of minutes to reconnect it to your Wi-Fi. Otherwise, your doorbell is dead.
  4. Mount your doorbell to the wall plate.

Important: When the doorbell shows a blue pulsing light when connected to a computer, it means it’s working. There may be issues on your wires or transformer. I recommend scheduling a visit with our partnered Nest Pro




Community Member

Thank you JT,

I have opted to employ a Nest engineer.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,

Thanks for the update! We’re glad that you go with a Nest Pro. Keep me posted.




Community Member

Hi JT,

Not great news I'm afraid.

  1. I had two 1st Gen Nest Doorbells fitted by a Nest Pro engineer. One still works, the other doesn't. I paid to have a broken wire fitted, and have just paid again to have a second Nest Pro engineer inspect the bell
  2. The Engineer said the doorbell (2019) is faulty, and should be replaced
  3. I now wish to buy a 2nd Gen doorbell to replace my faulty doorbell, which will require me to arrange for another Nest Pro engineer visit
  4. When I spoke to Google operators, they both mentioned a Google Shop discount. I am also a disabled veteran and university student, buying in the UK

Unfortunately, no discount has been forthcoming and , despite a faulty product, engineering fees, and Google Chat assurances, I'm being invited to pay £229