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Google Nest Speak


This is how Google Nest deflects customer needs:

Customer question: Why can't the new Google Nest cameras and doorbells be accessed in the Google Nest app or the web app?

Google Nest's answer: "...the new Nest cameras and doorbell are exclusive to the Home app because we wanted to create an integrated experience with your speakers and displays."

Customer question: Why doesn't Google Nest sell any spare parts for its cameras and doorbells, like its competitors Ring, Arlo, Wyze, and Blink do?

Google Nest's answer: "I do apologize if this isn't available on the Google Store. I hope you understand that the reason for this is because whenever customers like you have issues with a part of their Nest devices, we can simply replace them for you. This means you don't have to buy it anymore from us and you can get them for free, as long as you're under [the 1-year] warranty."  [emphasis added]



Community Member

@MplsCustomer is out there doing the Lord's work for all of us.

It's 2am here and I just finished running wire through my attic to add my new Google Nest Cam with floodlight to the 3 other Nest Cams I have around my home. Had my catalytic converter stolen 2 nights ago and, with the night vision on the other Cams, the night vision res wasn't good enough quality to get a make/model of their car or a license plate. So I was excited to add this super bright Cam to the mix.

Ran the electrical, installed the device, the floodlight lights up my front yard like it's noon ... and of course I can't see it in the same app as my other three Cams, and I have way less options for it in the app it makes me use it on as well. So I go on a mission to see where I made the misstep – of course Google wouldn't leave us all hanging like this; it must be my mistake.

That's when I found all your posts crusading for thousands of people in the same boat as me. Appreciate you giving all that feedback to the Machine. Hope they get their ducks in rows soon.

Good luck to ya.