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Google, please fix your 2-app solution and other key camera/doorbell flaws


This is a plea to Google Nest to address several key issues.

For almost 5 months now, we've had to use the Google Home app for our one new Google Nest Camera (Battery) and the Google Nest app and the website for our other cameras and doorbells. It's long past time for Google Nest to address this; it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Google Nest, when you address the 2-app dilemma, please add back to the new Google Nest cameras the Nest app capabilities that were lost because they are supported only by the Google Home app and not the Google Nest app. These include: browser access to cameras, the Enhance (zoom) capability, the ability to create manual clips, the ability to flag sound events, email notifications, and the timeline capabilities in the Google Nest app.

Google Nest, please address the installation issues that cause some customer installs to stall on a "can't connect to assisting device" errors, other connection issues, or download update failures. The solution should be something better than having customers remove and re-install all of their existing Nest devices and trying to guess on the correct re-installation order.

Google Nest, please address the design issues that prevent the new Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) from keeping the battery charged during normal operating temperatures even when wired. If the doorbell cannot operate in mildly cool climates, this should be stated up front.

Google Nest, please address the issue that is causing the internal battery on Google Nest Hello Doorbells to fail after 2 years of use. If the battery can only last 2 years, then Google should provide replacement doorbells designed so the customer can comfortably replace the battery every couple of years.

Google Nest, please address the design issues that cause the exterior of some customers' Google Nest Doorbells to peel after one or two years of use.

Google Nest, please address the issues that cause the Google Nest Camera (Battery) to fail or cease functioning during normal operating temperatures when not plugged into power.



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Thank you for being so active MplsCustomer, you are a true crusader for decency and customer service. Nest blazed a trail in the industry and I loved them for it, now they just seem to be ablaze... Maybe they hear people like you, I hope so, because they seem to have their fingers in their ears.

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