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How to scroll through Nest Camera feed on Google Home?

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With everything migratimg to Google Home, how do I scroll through my feed like I can in the Nest app?  I'm talking not just events, but the entire feed, since that's what I pay for.  How? 


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When you open the Home App, at the bottom right is an icon for Notifications/Recent Events. If you scroll to the bottom of the Recent Events, you will see "See all History", click on that and you will see all history of events. I know you said not just events, but I'm not sure other than when you open the home app, you can click on the big Camera icon and see all the "feeds" live from your camera. Other than that, I don't know what else Nest Aware has as a "Feed" or stores. I also use the nest app and have Nest Aware, but I don't know what you mean by entire feed?

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Scrolling through 24/7 history (in the Google Home app) for the new Google Nest Camera Battery (if you have a Google power cable to enable 24/7 history) is really slow, but if you click on "History" and then on "Full History", I've found that you can pick an event that is closest to the time period you want to view, and then scroll back and forth from there.  If you want to scroll through 24/7 history for existing Nest cameras and doorbells, you have to do that in the Google Nest app.  Hope that helps. 

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