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Magnetic Base Replacement

Community Member

Trying to find out how to get a replacement magnetic base for my Nest Outdoor camera. Previous base was lost during a move. I tried making a topic that had a reply from a community specialist, Brian, that said I would receive an email, but never received that email (it's been two weeks). The topic was then locked.


I'd really love to figure out how I can pay Google to give me a new magnetic base for my Nest Outdoor camera, because I'd prefer not to have to spend $200 just because I am unable to purchase a new magnetic base. I tried to ask Google Nest support, but since the camera is out of warranty, I cannot purchase a replacement magnetic base, which is just wild to me. I don't think I'm asking too much to be able to order purchase a replacement part here.


Am I out of luck here? Will I need to purchase a new camera?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist



You definitely have an active case still for this inquiry. I have 0 control over the delays for Replacements at this time, but here is your case # 6-3796000031963. Please refrain from creating a new thread post about this case as we have an active case still. Thank you for your continued patience.


Best Regards,