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Migration issues

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Ok I have had nest app with no issues for about 3 years and now I bought a few other cameras and want to put all together on Google home or keep on nest app. I just paid subscription for 1 year nest aware. I was adding the new cameras to google home and when I go to my nest from google home it doesn't show my original 3 cameras. I had thought I already migrated? But my nest app still works and shows a choice to migrate to google home still. When I try so all my cameras will be in one spot it tells me nest account is already migrated to another google account. I only have one google account?? Please help or give me a help line number I can call? please. thanks


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good luck.  if you are within the return window, I would 10000% return it!  here is my experience:

sharing my feedback to save ANYONE the frustration we've all had with these @Google products.

re: cameras (doorbells, nest cams, etc)

1. the 2way voice does not work if you have a samsung device.  @Google has known about this for over a year but hasn't fixed it.  Isn't it great that when someone rings your doorbell, you cannot even talk to them?  Great product. video streaming is not available from any of the cameras to chromecast. It is advertised all over, including the on the box and during the @Google home app setup - but it isn't an option.

So, you can't talk over them, or see the feeds - what is the point.

I've called google support, the google store, and ALL of the reps are worthless.  They have done nothing to help or make this right.

If you are considering a home security camera, or doorbell, I would STRONGLY recommend you look elsewhere.  @Google service is trash, just like their devices.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions or if I can provide more details.  I hope no one has to go through this and be out nearly $500 for products that are useless.

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