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NEST Hello Error NC023. Device went offline, cannot add doorbell to Nest app.

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I have a Nest Hello purchased ~2.5 years ago.  Had been working fine until one evening the camera was "offline".  I'm a computer guy with 20+ years in the industry so I'm comfortable troubleshooting.  I've followed the Google online troubleshooting guide.  Tried resetting the hardware with the pin hole, then completely disconnected all power for a few hours.  Reconnected all wires.... nothing.  Removed device from my account, and try to reinstall but I simply cannot detect the camera.  I get error code NC023 (which I believe is Bluetooth related).  Toggled Bluetooth.  Removed all other connected Bluetooth devices... tried a different iPhone (different model), and iPad, and even a Samsung Android tablet.  Nothing.  I'm convinced the hardware is bad, and I'm well out of warranty.  Just checking in to see if anyone may have thought of something I did not.   

This thing doesn't have moving parts like my lawnmower or an old VCR... yet it's the 2nd Nest camera that's given me a hardware error in ~2 years.  My confidence is shot.  I don't have this problem with existing Wyze cameras ($40) and hate to replace this for $299 CND and hope for a different outcome...  Thoughts?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi DGaunthier,  Wow,  you went above and beyond on this.  I'm a technology guy and it sure sounds to me like the unit itself as failed.    I suggest you purchase another HELLO from someone on Ebay.  I did that about a year ago and it is working great.  

I would discourage you from getting the new Nest Doorbell (battery)l because of some significant limitations it has that Google is still working on to fix hopefully soon.  The imitations at the moment include NO ability to view the camera from your computer browser at all.  No 24/7 recording even when connected to power.   Does not properly charge the internal battery for cold climates, the ability to make and share clips is extremely limited.  (Sorry Google Folks, I would love to give it a positive review but I just can't).