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Nest Wired Video Doorbell without other Nest Products?

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I've successfully installed my Nest Doorbell wired, it rings and the ring is blue.


I cannot seem to be able to sync to my wifi, the app always says error NC030 as it tries to connect to other nest devices. I do not have any other nest device, just google home and home mini. Is it required to have another nest device to get the doorbell working? There's no previous indication that another device was needed when I bought it.


Is there a way to force to connect to the app or another way to connect it to my wifi? (also I already troubleshooted the channels (both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands) and have very good connections on my doorbell location)


Ring worked fine before I installed this product.




Your Google Home and Home Mini ARE Google Nest devices. A couple of years ago Google Nest decided that, instead of having customers enter or select their network name (SSID) and password when setting up a new Google Nest device (like your doorbell), they would instead try to get that information from another Google Nest device in your Google Nest "home/structure". The problem is that the process often fails (as you can see if you search this forum for "assisting device").

One work-around would be to turn off your Google Home and Home Mini while you are trying to install your new doorbell.

Another work-around would be to temporarily move your Google Home and Home Mini close to your doorbell before trying to install your new doorbell.

Yet another work-around would be to temporarily remove your Google Home and Home Mini before trying to install your new doorbell, and then re-install them after your doorbell is successfully installed. The drawback to this is that, when re-installing your Google Home and Home Mini, you could encounter that same "assisting device".

The challenge in all of this is that Google Nest has never explained how this "assisting device" process works, or fixed the problems that cause it to fail. Various customers in this forum have posted their theories for how the process works and why it fails. As just another Google Nest customer, I have no idea why it occurs; we're just lucky we've never had the problem.

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I encountered the same problem when installing the wireless doorbell. Community reply explained to use Google Home, Settings, Add Device.  That worked.

I cannot add the device on Google home, it redirects me to the nest app.


What worked is that I created a new home and then I was able to pair, but it was a horrible task to move all my other devices to that new home.


This needs to get fixed.

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Community Specialist

Hello everyone,

@ericmoncivais thanks for reaching out here in the Community and for sharing with us the steps you've done for this issue. Normally, when setting up your Nest Doorbell, it would detect your other Nest devices added in that same home structure and would try to communicate with them. The assisting device would be the first Nest device you added to your Google Home app or Nest app. Let us know if you have more questions in mind.

I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer and Sandyroo.



Is it really true that the "assisting device" is the first Nest device added to the Google Home app or Google Nest app? If so, this should be documented!

I've read dozens and dozens of posts in this forum from customers trying to figure out which device is the "assisting device" when their install fails with a "cannot connect to assisting device" error.

Yeah I agree on that. Thing is that I don't have any other nest devices, at least not the compatibles one. So if there's no other nest device it would use your phone to connect.


The issue is that if you have a home with let's say a nest hub and a home mini, they won't help the nest doorbell with the network.


A workaround is to create a new home in the nest app and then as there are no other device it will use your phone as a relay to connect to the network.

What needs to be changed is that if the connection is not successful with other nest devices, allow the device trying to connect to use the phone network as if there was no other device.


Customers in this forum have been asking for at least a year and a half for an alternative when the "assisting device" process fails.