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Nest doorbell not showing video

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Hello, I have a nest hello wired doorbell. Nest app and google home were working perfectly while we had the free trial. Now that the trial is over when you go into history for any cameras (nest hello and my home hub max) you can only see a thumbnail of an event, the time length and if you click on it, it does nothing. These videos are within the last 3 hours so why can I not view the videos? Only way to see video is live. I was under the impression you did not have to pay for a subscription unless you wanted to see more than 3 hrs worth? 




With the (wired) Google Nest Hello Doorbell (that's what we have), you don't get ANY video history without a Nest Aware subscription.  With a  Nest Aware subscription you get event history for the last 30 days, and with a Nest Aware Plus subscription you get 24/7 history for the last 10 days.

With the newer Google Nest Doorbell (Battery), you get event video history for the most recent three hours without a Nest Aware subscription.With a  Nest Aware subscription you get event history for the last 30 days; you can't get 24/7 history even if the doorbell is wired.

The details are on this Google Nest Help page:

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