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Nest security floodlight cam not connecting.

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I have had my nest security flood light cam for over a year. It recently stopped connecting. I tried to reset it but that did not work so I removed the camera from my app and wanted to re-add it. I lost the QR code so I’ve been using the alternative way to set up. The setup always ends by saying can’t connect to connecting device. I’ve reset my Wi-Fi. I’ve restarted my phone. I’ve YouTubed to find answers…. I’m lost. I need help. One more piece of information. When I hit the reset button on the back of the camera it starts a chime but doesn’t finish it. The chime stops part way through. 


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Don't expect to get any meaningful help from Google for your issue. My floodlight cam started giving me issues and I tried everything I could to reset it. Called customer support 2 days before my warranty period expired. Jumped through all the hoops with multiple reps resetting the camera, deleting the app, etc. and they told me they were escalating my issue to the engineering team and that I'd hear back from them. Received one message that they had an update for me. When I tried to reconnect with support over several days they didn't respond. Opened a 2nd ticket, had to jump through all the same hoops again. Once again told I'd get a resolution. And again, no response, no reply, nothing. A call to Google/Nest support is like going down a rabbit hole. For years I've converted many friends and colleagues to Google devices. I regret that very much now. After the experience I've had I'll never buy another Google device. I'm asked all the time about my phone (currently Pixel 6 Pro but other Pixel phones prior), my thermostat (Learning Thermostat) and multiple cameras and if I like them. I tell them I love the phone and thermostat, but the cameras are junk and I'll never own another Google device because of the poor customer service I received with my camera issue. Absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced. I've been an avid Google supporter for years and I'm through with them because of their pathetic service. Do yourself a favor and buy a different brand.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,

Carlm8907, we appreciate your efforts here. Let’s see what’s going on — a few questions: what’s the status light of the camera? How far is the camera from the router? What Wi-Fi frequency band do you try to connect to (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)? Are there devices or appliances (such as baby monitors, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.) near the cameras? Also, were there any changes to your Wi-Fi network?


LetDown1, I’m sorry to hear that. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have. Could you provide the case ID of your recent interaction with our support team so I can have it reviewed? 


Looking forward to your response.




 Here is the reply I sent to the specialist aatienza on 1/19. I never received a response.
Unfortunately, that is what I have come to expect.
01-19-2023 06:31 PM

Hey Archie. Sure thing. But based on my interactions with Google Support I don't expect it to make any difference.

I feel like they waited out the expiration of my warranty period and then just closed the book on my claim.

Here is the info you requested.

Case ID for 11/16/22 was 7-5648000033113.

Case ID for 12/05/22 was 0-2011000033582

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey LetDown1,


We know that this has taken some time. Rest assured we're not leaving you hanging — I'll get back to you as soon as I have something to share.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,

@LetDown1, it's us again. I've sent a follow up to our support team. They'll reach out to you via email. Will let you know right away once we have anything to share.

I appreciate the help, JT.


Thank you for the follow up. Much appreciated.

Moved camera closer to the router. Only like 15 ft. It randomly will start the chime like it’s connecting but won’t finish this chime. I’ve tried both Wi-Fi bands. Status light on the camera is white.