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New Nest Camera not connecting to Nest App

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we just recently added a camera to our entire system of Nest products, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to add it on the nest app. I’ve got in on Google Home App, but I can’t view is on the Nest App (which is what I prefer). Please help!




You have, I think, joined many other of us Google Nest customers who have purchased one of the Google Nest cameras and doorbells released in the fall of 2021, only to discover with surprise that these new Google Nest cameras only work with the Google Home app and do NOT work with the Google Nest app or with the website.  (Yes, seriously!)

Google has posted its perspectives on this design decision in these blogs on this forum, where you can also find numerous customer reactions:

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I just want to add my two cents to this as well. I called into customer service today because of my frustration. I bought a new nest cam outdoor (battery) and set it up today, to the same disbelief and outrage that I’m reading above. I’m actually thinking about returning it I’m so aggravated. I could ONLY set it up in the Google Home app (which kinda sucks, generally), the UI is just not good in google home!  It’s like they didn’t hire a UX/UI designer for that Home app. The Nest app is a much better design and feature packed, specifically for “Nest” devices. To the same points @MplsCustomer has mentioned on the post from 09/21, shame on google for even labeling this a “Nest” camera. 

I must add, over the last 5 years+ I’ve invested in google Nest products to keep myself and my family safe and secure, purchasing the security system several years ago, only to hear it’s been discontinued!  I had to buy extra door sensors just to ensure I had them on hand. I waited around 6 months to get the additional sensors because google reneged on their original availability/delivery date after they announced the security systems were no longer available (because everyone bought them up).  I even signed up to be notified when they came back in stock and never received a notification. I happened to check the google store close to when they were released again and luckily they were in stock. I’m just overall angry and disappointed in the direction of the security ecosystem google has moved toward (or rather moved away from)!  These were NOT cheap products - we made the choice because we wanted everything connected and accessible from the same (USER FRIENDLY) Nest app, only to find out it’s discontinued. 

I’ve purchased multiple outdoor cameras (including expensive IQ cameras), the video doorbell, nest protects, the nest thermostat. Why would I want to use another app when I purchase a new Nest camera?  Google Home is not great!  The Nest app is great - it’s fully integrated and has all of the functions I need/want. 

Ok, beyond my rant - I’d like to know what google has done since September ‘21, when the new cameras were released, to make the google home app better or at least incorporate features missing which the Nest app had, specifically for the camera?  

I saw complaints about the lack of 24/7 recording in the google home app, but I think I can see that (although it’s nowhere near as intuitive as the Nest app).  I prefer just clicking on the camera I want to view and scrolling through my video history  - it’s not like that in the google home app - it’s like a series of video clips and not a continuous feed - total bs and false advertising that I spend a monthly/annual fee to get!  

I’m completely for the idea of allowing the new cameras be integrated into the Nest app, until all of the features are supported in the google home app.  My point is that this has been an investment and making abrupt changes like this is further adding to customer frustration and dissatisfaction.  Google needs to own it and fix it. 

Additionally, when will there be a web interface for google home?  I thought I read about that possibly in ‘22, is that true?  Please do better google. 

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I’m in the same boat. I hate the google home ux/ui. If it wasn’t broke why fix it. Google home is horrible!!!!!!!! I’m removing the app and the thousands of dollars of equipment if they don’t make it compatible with the Nest app. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks,


Thank you for your feedback on this issue, I fully understand the frustrations of not having your new Nest Cams in the Nest App or available on web app. I can imagine having to use two different apps at the moment is quite daunting, and could lead to frustration. 


However, the new Nest cameras and doorbell are exclusive to the Home app because we wanted to create an integrated experience with your speakers and displays. A Nest Aware subscription applies to all of your cameras, speakers, and displays in the same home structure. Thank you for your continued patience, and support. I am more than happy to assist you further with this inquiry if you wish. Please let me know.


Best Regards,