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New "Low device temperature" message on plugged in battery camera - why?


We have had a Google Nest Camera (Battery) for almost 17 months now, plugged in with the optional power cable. We live in Minnesota and this is the camera's second winter. This morning when the temperature dropped briefly to 4 degrees Fahrenheit, we received--for the very first time--a " "Low device temperature - Front Yard - This device may have reduced battery life if it is very cold." message about our battery camera.

This message must have been added in a recent firmware or software update, because it's been much colder than 4 degrees Fahrenheit numerous times since we installed the camera in early Sept. 2021.

Why are we now receiving this message? Our camera has been online and "Live" for almost 17 months at temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

What are we supposed to do about it, since we obviously cannot control the outside temperature?

Why does Google Nest regard 4 degrees above zero Fahrenheit as "very cold"? Google Nest sells the camera in Minnesota, where it can often get much colder.

As reported in another thread (, is this deemed a "critical" notification and are we now going to get this "Low device temperature" whenever the temperature gets down to 4 degrees Fahrenheit, even if it's the middle of the night? That's either a dumb--and annoying---design decision on Google Nest's part, or Google Nest should not be selling this camera in Minnesota.

I should note that, when we bought the Google Nest Camera (Battery) with the optional power cable in Sept. 2021, it was the ONLY outdoor camera being sold by Google Nest.


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I agree! It only has notified me in Ohio at 2 AM. . . Where do I turn off this notification?

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I contacted the chat help, and they noted that it comes as an automatic option and doesn't have a feature for turning it off. They are asking a senior specialist and will contact me if there is a solution. If it goes off again, I am going to stop all notifications and may consider buying something else. . . 

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Any update?

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Hi DesertHox!

No, I have not received any update from Google Nest. . . Fortunately, I have not been awakened for over a month. . . Of course, that is likely due to it getting warmer in Ohio!

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I’m in Idaho with snow and have 8 cameras all getting the notification several times a day.  This is crazy.  Thanks for reply


This morning, when the temperature dropped to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, we received a second "Low device temperature" warning message. After having our plugged-in battery camera for almost 17 months, half-way through our second winter, are we now going to get this useless warning message whenever the temperature drops? This is ridiculous.

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What I don't understand about this is that I get it from one doorbell but not the other.    They are both at the same temperature.    You would think I would get it from both, but only my side door sends them. 


We've received just 2 "low device temperature" warning messages (in late Jan. and early Feb.) on our plugged-in battery camera in Minnesota. Maybe it's the operating temperature of each camera (ours is "Live" all the time and is under a camera shade and maybe its actual operating temperature has dropped low enough only twice), or maybe it's rather arbitrary.

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Hi everyone,


I'm sorry for the delayed response. The alert is intended to inform you that your Nest Cameras won't charge when it's below the charging temperature described in this article and that battery efficiency is reduced. It's not an indication of a permanently degraded battery. As of the moment, there's no way to disable this without disabling your Nest Camera notifications channel and it's not included in the critical notifications path.




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Sure but my point was that one nest battery camera keeps sending the message while another doesn't and they are both reporting the same temperature.

Hands down one of the dumbest and most disappointing things to happen to me in a long time.  I have 12 cameras on a remote, unoccupied property, which now send multiple battery warnings EVERY NIGHT.  The cameras have gone from awesome security devices to worthless pieces of crap.  I have had to silence all critical alerts in order to sleep at night.  I’m truly furious with Google.  I have a fair chunk of money invested in cameras at this point.  Totally stupid and ridiculous.  I’m trying to imagine who could possibly think this was even a remotely good idea.   So dumb.  


Good grief! Why can't Google Nest just admit that it was a really dumb idea to have its battery cameras start harassing its customers with repeated useless cold temperature warnings! Instead, Google Nest tells us "there's no way to disable this".

Our battery camera is plugged in and therefore is not using the battery. So why did we receive ANOTHER warning about battery life when the temperature dropped to 10 degrees Fahrenheit at 6:05 am this morning?

And even for customers whose cameras are running on battery power, the repeated messages are less than useless. They can't do anything about it!

What's really dumb about this is that Google Nest ADDED this message this year. Last year we did NOT get these useless warning messages.

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send in in app feedback everytime you get one asking for the number of the **bleep** who made that a critical alert so you can call them and wake them up every single time you get this god **bleep** alert...maybe if they get enough constant useless feedback forms someone will notice.  Of course, that's assuming all the people in charge of the app haven't been laid off already...


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Hi Everyone!

I wondered why Google was so disengaged with our issue, and this week got a coupon to change to ADT from Nest Secure as they are getting out of this business. . . I wish I knew that before I had purchased the Nest camera!! Shame on Google!

Google has not announced anything about getting out of the camera business.  That's almost certainly a marketing campaign from ADT, which you've apparently fallen for hook, line and sinker.

There have been people speculating that Google is getting rid of next for at least 3+ years that I could find...

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Hi Minkusclark!

They may not be getting out of the camera business, but it was google who sent me the rebate to get a replacement for my Nest Secure which is why I have the camera. Here is the email so that you can evaluate if I have "fallen hook, line, and sinker":

Thank you for being a valued customer and part of the Nest family. We appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to help keep your home safe and secure.

In 2020, we announced a long-term strategic partnership between Google and ADT, a leading smart home security provider in the US. With this partnership, our goal was to develop even better solutions for greater customer peace of mind and choice, including giving users the option to add new types of sensors and professional monitoring.

We believe that our partnership with ADT creates a more helpful smart home security experience to help people connect and protect what matters most – both today and in the future. So starting April 8, 2024, support will stop for Nest Secure.

We know this is inconvenient, and we understand that changing the technology in your home is hard and that you rely on our products. To help you transition, we’re offering you a Self Setup System from ADT on us (up to $485 value),1 or if you prefer, $200 to use on the Google Store.2

What this means for you.

  • Until April 8, 2024, your Nest Secure and all current features will remain available, and you can continue to use your Nest Secure as you do now.
  • Starting April 8, 2024, Nest Secure will no longer work. It will not be accessible in the Nest app and won’t connect to the internet. Learn more about the changes coming to Nest Secure here. (link not included as it is not allowed on this forum.)

A thank-you for being a valued customer.

We are offering you an exclusive offer on the ADT Self Setup System, valued at up to $485, which includes:

  • An ADT Smart Home Hub, 2 Door/Window Sensors, and a Motion Sensor for no cost.
  • Free 12 months of professional alarm monitoring, then $19.99 plus tax /mo. Cancel anytime.1

To redeem your offer, please call 1-800-973-4403.

Alternatively, if the ADT offer doesn’t suit your needs, you can apply $200 towards a purchase on the Google Store for a Nest Cam, Nest Doorbell, or other device of your choice. This offer is only available to US residents and valid for one transaction. Please contact Google Store Supportfor instructions on redeeming this offer.2

You can use this unique coupon code to redeem either the Self Setup System from ADT1 or the offer from the Google Store2:  (code hidden for privacy)

Recycling your Nest Secure.

We can help you recycle your Nest Secure. Our third-party recycling partner will send a postage-paid shipping label to your inbox. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you, but we’re committed to helping you and minimizing disruptions. If you need help, our support agents are standing by.

The Nest team


If they are getting out of the Nest Secure business which is how all of my devices work and how the app is integrated, why would they continue the cameras?



Google Nest customers can have cameras, doorbells, and Nest Hubs without having anything at all to do with Nest Secure devices. We do.

I see what you meant..I saw that article today as well actually.  Yes, they actually cancelled the next secure system way back in 2020, but the next camera system isn't cancelled, just if you were using the alarm system itself and then adding on cameras.

Ive never used the alarms system from nest and forgot they actually had an alarm system.

My oppologies for the confusion.

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I've been getting this error on and off on my 2 outdoor cameras for months now, but today absolutely takes the cake.  I received it on my back yard camera just a few minutes ago.  It is 52 degrees outside and feels like 66.  Why the hell did I get it today?

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So, do your cameras still work at -20 F while they are plugged in? I am considering buying these for my cabin in Idaho where it gets -20 F every winter. 


We've had a battery camera--plugged in with the optional power cable--for almost 22 months now, and it's always been online and "Live" even in Minnesota winters where it occasionally gets down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. We have it under a camera shade, so it gets some protection.

Idaho winters might be a bit much, and if you're planning on running it on battery power, it probably won't work well. See this Google Nest Help topic: