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No Web Interface and No Non-Event Clip Saving Available for New Nest Cameras

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I have had two threads now closed and locked without a resolution.

I bought the new *Nest* camera with floodlight, expecting it to work the same as all my previous Nest cameras.  After installation, I find out that I can only use it in the Google Home mobile app, with no ability to access from the *Nest* app, and no way to access from a web browser.  Additionally, there is no ability to download custom-length clips, or any clip if an event was not detected --- this feature exists and works great in the Nest app and Nest web interface!

I had a break-in the other day, and it was a pain to have to review and retrieve footage using only my phone.  In addition, part of the break-in was not detected as an event by Google, so now my only option is to use Google Takeout to get the ENTIRE DAY of footage from that camera sent by email in a giant MP4 file, and then I'll have to manually cut and edit in order to provide the appropriate clip to the police --- something me and the police are still waiting for Google Takeout to deliver a full day later...

It's been over 9 months now with no resolution to these issues, and not even a timeline from Google given as to when to expect these resolved.  I am refusing to buy any new Google products until this is resolved, and the existing functionality that exists for the older Nest cameras is enabled for the newer Nest cameras.

When is this going to be fixed?


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