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No nest camera snapshot notifications on WearOS

Community Member
Seriously, how is this an issue. I want to switch back to android but I will not do so until this is corrected. On my AW for example, every notification no matter the camera, I get a screenshot of what triggered the notification. Yet that doesn’t happen at all on wear os. All I get is a notification saying my camera saw something but then need to pull out my phone if I want to see what actually happened.  Negates the whole point of using a smart watch. 
Google, when are you going to correct this? It is absolutely pathetic you have failed at this. Your OWN cameras. Your OWN operating system on phones and watches.  Your OWN hardware. Yet the notifications are a complete fail! 
Please tell me this is going to get fixed. 

Community Member

I have submitted feedback multiple times but still we get no preview images. I get them from my ring but not the nest cameras.. You are right.. It is ridiculous..

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Thank you for sharing your Feature Request with us. We’re always looking for ways to improve, and appreciate your feedback. You can send it at any time using your devices by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback," or by following the steps found here. This thread will remain open for 24 hours for any follow-up questions or concerns. 


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